LRC tutors can help with a variety of subjects. Please note that different tutors specialize in different subjects. Our staff will do their best to help you find a tutor for your class. Please click the link below to find a tutor who can support your desired course:

The LRC is open for summer tutoring!

(Note: In-Person Tutors are also available Online during their work shifts)


Summer 23 Flyer



MONDAY - THURSDAY: 10am - 4pm

FRIDAY: 10am - 2pm

Please view schedules below to verify subject availability.

Tutor by Course Name




The LRC is primarily a walk-in, drop-in tutoring center and no appointment is necessary to visit with an available tutor. Students are seen on a first-come basis, and tutors may work with up to three different individual students at a time, rotating between tutees in 20-minute intervals if the Center is busy.

We also offer limited appointment-based tutoring, with a 48-hour notice of availability. Students may schedule up to two 30-minute appointments per class per week or a total of one hour of appointment-based tutoring per class per week. Appointments are subject to tutor availability. Please note that we cannot accommodate appointment requests for same day or next day appointments. We do not accept appointment requests for days/times more than four weeks from the date of the request due to schedule variance. Please allow 48 hours between your appointment request and your preferred appointment time. For more immediate service, please visit our drop-in Centers!

Request a 30-minute tutoring appointment.

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