Students with disabilities may meet with a Disability Resource Counselor in the Educational Access Center to discuss accommodations for tutoring services available at the Learning Resource Center.

In general, students visiting the LRC can expect 30-45 minutes of tutoring, twice a week. However, as time permits, a tutor may continue to work with a student. The student will be expected to work independently as well as with the tutor in order to demonstrate that he or she demonstrates comprehension of the topics discussed. All students should be aware that they may need to wait to see a tutor, and that the tutor may be working with several students or groups of students simultaneously.

Upon visiting the center, students with disabilities may choose to disclose information about his or her disability to the tutor. As time and tutor availability permit, the tutor will make every effort to spend additional time working with this student. The tutor will also “check in” on the student’s progress periodically when he or she is working independently. Quiet study space is available for use with tutor on a first-come, first-come basis to students with disabilities.

Questions or concerns regarding LRC tutoring services should be directed to Sue Martinez, LRC Assistant Director. For more information about services for students with disabilities, please visit the Disability Resource Program’s web page at