Table of Contents:
Program Aims
Benefits of an HLI Internship
How it Works
Employer Expectations & Eligibility

Program Aims:

  • To provide participating interns with a paid experiential learning opportunity in a real-world occupational setting.
  • To build sustainable relationships with community partners to expand our network and increase workforce opportunities for our CI students/alumni.
  • To facilitate a learning experience where interns can demonstrate effective written and oral communication, critical thinking skills, and intellectual initiative.

Benefits of Participation Include:

  • A pre-screened, well-qualified and eager student in your field
  • A potentially cost-effective recruiting tool
  • An opportunity to provide one on one mentoring and make a real difference in a student's life
  • A possibility to use the student intern for special projects that you could not otherwise complete
  • A creative and skilled worker who can bring new skills and creative ideas to your organization

How it Works

  • Employers propose an internship position description of the duties and responsibilities of an intern they would like to host, including what the student is expected to provide for the employer and submit a completed application by the deadline - Friday, April 26, 2019.
  • 10 intern position descriptions will be chosen for the 2019-2020 academic year-long placement sites for HLI Internships. Once selected, a senior representative of the partner agency or corporation and the University will complete and sign an internship placement agreement.
  • Students apply to the internship position description(s) of their choosing, from the 10 selected employer submitted internship position descriptions, by submitting their resume and cover letter through Dolphin CareerLink.
  • 10 students will be selected after the screening and interview process from a selection committee.
  • The site supervisor at the partner agency or corporation will complete a mandatory Employer Orientation.
  • All students in the HLI Internship Program will be expected to contribute a maximum of 240 hours of service to the employer/mentor over the course of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Employer Expectations and Eligibility

All employers are expected to provide supervision and training similar to a traditional paid internship opportunity as outlined by the CSUCI Internship Guide to include the following:

  • A supervisor with knowledge and or skills related to the internship to provide training/mentorship to the intern.
  • On-going meetings between the supervisor and intern to discuss internship progress, training, feedback and professional development.
  • A physical work space equipped with office supplies and resources to complete the intern’s roles and responsibility (interns are not permitted to work or use their own personal property including a laptop to complete their internship work)
  • Orientation and training to ensure the intern understands appropriate use of facilities, company policies, and procedures related to their internship.
  • Attend the mandatory HLI Employer Orientation.
  • Complete an HLI intern performance evaluation twice per semester.
  • Complete all required forms and documentation including an internship agreement with CSU Channel Islands.

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