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Welcome to Outdoor Adventures!

Outdoor Adventures is a program committed to bring you a challenge. Whether it be mentally or physically, our classes and trips are bound to push you to your limits! We utilize natures resources, and experienced leaders to provide you with the best experience possible! Check out our dates for upcoming events. We hope to see you soon!



The Outdoor Adventure Program at CSU Channel Islands is primarily for students, faculty and staff. Guests and Community Members may not take part in outdoor adventure trips (OAT’s). CI identification is required to register for and attend all outdoor adventure trips (oat’s). Registration must be done online. Pre-registration is mandatory for all overnight trips as space is limited, but drop-ins are more than welcome to all workshops.

*Priority is given to students over Dolphin passport members when registering for these trips.


All of our trips are suitable for the first time beginner unless otherwise stated. Whether a participant has friends already going on a trip or they plan on making new ones our trips are for anyone looking for some adventure. Below is the intensity scale which will help participants judge how physically demanding each trip will be.

  • Scrub Jay – An easy relaxing trip with minimum physical stamina required
  • Island Fox – A trip that requires the participants to be physically active, but nothing too intense
  • Golden Eagle – A trip that will get the participant’s blood pumping and breathing hard, they must have physical stamina


All Outdoor leaders have personal backgrounds in the specific outdoor activity that they lead. Each leader must have a minimum of First Aid and CPR certification. Our OAT Leaders can help participants learn proper outdoor skills for any adventure. Trip location, equipment and instruction are all organized by our OA Leaders, so if you have any questions, please call us at 805-437-2628 or e-mail us at cibc@csuci.edu


All of the overnight OAT’s have a mandatory pre-trip meeting. This will consist of meeting everyone that will be going on the same trip, meeting the OAT Leaders and planning trip logistics such as location considerations, equipment needs and food (if provided). The meetings will be held in SUB2023B on the second floor of the Student Union. Dates and other information regarding the pre-trip meetings will be sent via e-mail as the trip approaches.

*Pre-trip meetings are MANDATORY! If for some reason you cannot make it to the specified date and time, please contact one of the OA Leaders so you can meet individually to receive the information. Call us at 805-437-2628 or e-mail us at cibc@csuci.edu


Participants will need to provide their own transportation for all outdoor adventure trips. Carpooling helps keep the cost of trips down. Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the participants.


Each trip is different in its unique way and personal gear will vary depending on which trip you are interested in. Either during the pre-trip meeting, or on the registration page, you will find a general list of all gear you will need for a trip. These lists are very specific so that you may have a fun and enjoyable time. Even though we live in California and our climate is perfect, you never know when it might get cold or start to rain. The main goal is to be comfortable and happy by being well prepared. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything on the list because you can always borrow from our rental program. If at any point you have questions your trip leaders can help or you can call the Rec Center at 805-437-2628 or e-mail us at cibc@csuci.edu

DAY TRIPS - Spring 2018


Rose Valley Falls Day Hike

*Due to the Thomas fire, this trip is cancelled.


Zuma Canyon Trail Day Hike

 Saturday, March 3, 2018

  • Departure Location: Front of Sage Hall
  • Departure time from campus:  10:00a.m.
  •  Arrival on Campus: 4:00p.m.
  • Driving time from campus: 40 minutes
  • Hike Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Rating: Scrub Jay
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    • Students/Dolphin Passport Members: $FREE

Take a relaxing stroll through the lush vegetation of what the Santa Monica Mountain Range has to offer. Take some time for yourself and breathe in the fresh air to get away from midterms and other stressful situations. The sandy single track shoots north through open space, crossing and following a stony creek bed. Sporadic oaks and sycamores become more concentrated as the mouth of the canyon closes. Enjoy the increasing shade and lush canyon views. The easy trail climbs only 115 feet and has no steep sections. After 1.4 miles, the canyon narrows and the trail dissolves. A cluster of large boulders fill the creek bed, signifying the end of the Zuma Canyon out-and-back.

Solstice Canyon Trail (Day Hike)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

  • Departure Location: A2 parking lot behind Sage Hall
  • Departure Time from campus: 10:00a.m.
  •  Arrival on Campus: 4:30p.m.


  • Driving duration from campus: 40 minutes
  • Hike Duration: 4 hours
  • Rating: Golden Eagle
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The trail leads past the Keller House, a small community of houses that now lay in ruins, and a stream that is fed by a small waterfall. Continuing through the Sostomo Trail, the trail becomes steeper then levels out for a brief period of time. This pattern happens throughout, yet it is mainly uphill. There are a few times on the trail in that it goes downhill and passes a few more bodies of water and another house. Also, there are parts that are well shaded throughout. However, most of it is in direct sunlight. At the end of the hike, there is an amazing overview of the canyon and the ocean. The trek back to the trailhead is mostly downhill with very few inclines. There is a colossal rock that can be viewed on the way in and back. The scenery is full of lush, green plant life and wildlife (squirrels, 2-3 different types of birds that were seen, crickets, butterflies, and even a dragonfly). Many of the flowers have an exquisite coloring and very vibrant.

Dairy Farm

 Thursday, April 26, 2018

  • Departure Location: Front of Sage Hall
  • Departure time from campus:  4:30 p.m.
  •  Arrival on Campus: 6:00 p.m.
  • Driving time from campus: 5 minutes
  • Hike Duration: 2 hours
  • Rating: 
    • Scrub Jay around the farm. 
    • Island Fox around the farm and up the hills.
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The trail head begins at the intersection of Dairy Road and Camarillo Street. Walking or driving there is acceptable. Parking is abundant at the trail head only from sunrise through sunset. Once at the trail head through the dirt path and see the rubble that has been left from the 2013 fire. The dirt path will lead you to the dairy farm as well as the abandoned building at CSUCI. See for yourself the remaining rubble of Camarillo State Hospital and give your thoughts of what this building was used for. After the tour around the buildings challenge yourself up the hills and have a scenic view of UGLEN and CSUCI’s main campus.

Ray Miller Backbone Trail 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

  • Departure Location: Front of Sage Hall
  • Departure time from campus:  10:00 a.m.
  •  Arrival on Campus: 5:00 p.m.
  • Driving time from campus: 15 minutes
  • Hike Duration: 3 hours
  • Rating: 
    • Island Fox 
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Ray miller backbone is a 5.5 mile trail. We will hike through the hills right off the one freeway and see beautiful views of the ocean and the Point Mugu State Park. Please bring water, something to eat, and a pair of hiking boots. This trail is longer than our other trails so make sure you have enough food and water. 

Mugu Peak through Chumash Trailhead

Friday, May 4, 2018

  • Departure Location: A2 parking lot behind Sage Hall
  • Departure time from campus:  10:00a.m.
  •  Arrival on Campus: 3:00p.m.
  • Driving duration from campus: 15 minutes
  • Hike Duration: 2 hours
  • Rating: Golden Eagle
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  • Students/Dolphin Passport Members: $FREE

The trail leads off a slightly steep walk up the Santa Monica Mountain Range for about a mile and a half. After the first mile or so  the trail splits off into two (left and right). For a scenic view, go right which leads to a trail that ends at edge of a hill for a slight catch of breath. Going left in the trail-cutoff leads in a loop around Mugu peak. To go to Mugu peak follow the ½ mile of an extraneous incline to the top of the peak where you can see the Channel Islands, clouds below you, and an American flag gusting with the wind. Near the flag is a box that contains paper and writings from previous visitors in which participants can also leave notes. The hike returning from the peak and the loop is dangerously steep and should take the greatest caution going down. The trail between the peak and the loop does have loose soil that can easily cause a participant to slip. After the decline, the return is fairly moderate depending on speed of the participant. Please take every precaution to take your time going down.

 Santa Barbara Camping and Rock Climbing (3 Days, 2 nights)

*Due to the Thomas fire, this trip is cancelled.

Santa Cruz Island Camping and kayaking (3 Days, 2 nights)

Friday, April 13 - Sunday, April 15

  • Pre Trip Meeting in the Recreation Center.
  • Rating: Island Fox
  • SOLD OUT, Register Here for the Waitlist 
  • Students: $65

Come join us for a full weekend of adventure! Leaving early Friday morning, we set sail from Ventura Harbor for Santa Cruz Island.  Upon arrival we set up camp and start our adventure both on the island and on the water.  

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