The Sports Club Insurance Fee is a mandate by the California State University Chancellor's Office.  It is now a requirement that sports club members pay a $45 insurance fee each year (for each club that they belong to) as part of the registration process.  If students do not pay the fee, they may not join the club.  Every club must have at least five members/players who have paid the fee and completed Sports Club Participation Application and the Sports Club Release of Liability and Health Declaration Form in order to be registered with the University.

 The Sports Club Insurance Fee covers students who are injured during club practices and games.  This means that student are not required to have their own medical insurance in order to be a member of a sports club team (however, it is always recommended so that students have medical insurance for their non sports-club relate illnesses and/or injuries).  

 Please note that all fee payments are non-refundable. 

In order to pay the fee, please complete one of the following:

In order to pay the fee with a CREDIT CARD (VISA, American Express, Discover or Mastercard only):

  1. Go to        
    1. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete your payment
    2. This will allow for the fastest payment of your fees and the Recreation Center will be able to get a report of your payment.  

In order to pay the fee with a CHECK, CASH OR MONEY ORDER:

  1. Make the check payable to: CSU Channel Islands – X Sports Club Insurance Fee (The X represents your club’s name)
  2. Write the following account number in the memo section of the check: 660010-TK920-550102-00095
  3. Turn the check or cash to Student Business Services located in Sage Hall, first floor room #146-148
    1. Bring your receipt to the Recreation Center front office located in Arroyo Hall(See Rec Center Open Hours).  If you do not bring the receipt, we will not be able to confirm your payment and you cannot play.

Players/members are not considered registered until this fee is paid (and the other two forms have been submitted).  Please note that it can take 2-3 business days to process your payment and update your records.  Therefore, you should plan ahead if you have a timeline of when you would like to be registered to play. Don't forget that you must also complete the steps below in order to be considered a registered player of a sports club.

  1. Sports Club Participation Application
  2. Fill out the form online at .
    1. Sports Club Release of Liability and Health Declaration 
    2. Review and sign the CSU Concussion Pledge

If you have questions please contact Nathan Avery at