Add/Drop Process

Process to add/drop a sports club; president, officer and/or advisor 

  • Log into CISync or Go to 
    • Select MyCI
    • Enter your University credentials to log into MyCI
    • Select “CISync” on the list of “My Links”
    • Select “Organizations” and select the name of your organization to access your organization’s portal
    • Select “Settings” on the bottom left of your organization portal
      • Locate the officer, president and/or advisor fields you want to change
        • Select "Edit" to make changes to each respective field
        • The “Administrator Use Only” fields will be managed by
          Campus Recreation

Process to complete the Sports Clubs President Agreement and/or Sports Clubs Advisor Agreement

  • When the new president's or advisor's information (including email address) is updated using the process above, the president or advisor will receive an email with a link to the “President Agreement Form” or the "Advisor Agreement Form"
    • The president/advisor should fill out the required fields on the form and select “finish”
    • The completion of the agreement forms will be automatically recorded on your organization’s registration status and Campus Recreation will be notified of the change.
    • Please remember that an officer, president or advisor may not be active until Campus Recreation has verified his/her eligibility and he/she has completed the Sports Clubs Officer or Sports Clubs Advisor orientation.