Add/Drop Process

Process to add/drop a sports club; president, officer and/or advisor 

  • Log into CISync 
    • Select your club's portal
    • In the right hand corner, click "Manage Organization"
    • In the Left hand corner select the three horizontal lines by your club's name
    • Select “Roster", click the square by the individual's name and delete them from the portal
      • Locate the officer, president and/or advisor fields you want to change
      • If member is not leaving the club, select the pencil button to the right of their name and change their title. 

Process to complete the Sports Clubs President Agreement and/or Sports Clubs Advisor Agreement

  • When the new president's or advisor's information is updated using the process above, the president or advisor will receive an email with a link to the “President Agreement Form” or the "Advisor Agreement Form"
    • The president/advisor should fill out the required fields on the form and select “finish”
    • The completion of the agreement forms will be recorded on your organization’s registration status and Campus Recreation will be notified of the change.
    • Please remember that an officer, president or advisor may not be active until Campus Recreation has verified their eligibility and they have completed the Sports Clubs Officer or Sports Clubs Advisor orientation.