Simple Steps to becoming an advisor:

1) Please log on to MyCI

2) Select CISync

3) Create your CISync Profile

4) Join the specific sports club's network portal:

5) When the “Organization Settings” have been updated in your student organization’s portal, the advisor(s) will receive an email with a link to the “Advisor Agreement Form”

  • The advisor(s) should fill out the required fields on the form and select “finish”
  • The completion of your “Advisor Agreement Form” will be automatically recorded on your organization’s registration status

6) All Sports Club Advisors must complete a Student Organization Advisor Orientation. New advisors must attend an in-person orientation with the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation-Rec Sports, and returning advisors must complete the online Returning Advisor Orientation and submit an Sports Club Advisor Agreement form within CI Sync (under forms).  The Advisor Orientation must be submitted the third Friday of the Fall semester or no later than 10 business days after the advisor assumes his/her position (in the event of an officer change).