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Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
Partnerships recognizes that successful engaged learning depends on effective partnerships between students, faculty, community agencies, administrators, disciplines, and more. The articles in this peer-reviewed journal focus on how theories and practices can inform and improve such partnerships, connections, and collaborations. Studies co-authored by faculty, students, and/or community partners; or examining practices across disciplines or campuses; or exploring international networks, are all encouraged.

Partnerships is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published biannually at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

For past issues and submission guidelines, visit the journal website.

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement
The mission of the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement (JHEOE) is to serve as the premier peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal to advance theory and practice related to all forms of outreach and engagement between higher education institutions and communities. This includes highlighting innovative endeavors; critically examining emerging issues, trends, challenges, and opportunities; and reporting on studies of impact in the areas of public service, outreach, engagement, extension, engaged research, community-based research, community-based participatory research, action research, public scholarship, service-learning, and community service.

JHEOE is a peer-reviewed, open access journal published quarterly online at the University of Georgia.  For past issues and submission guidelines, visit the journal website.

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning is a national, peer-reviewed journal for college and university faculty and administrators, with an editorial board of faculty from many academic disciplines and professional fields at the University of Michigan and other U.S. higher education institutions.

The Michigan Journal includes only articles about academic service-learning, campus-community partnerships, and faculty engaged scholarship. Contributing authors represent a wide range of academic disciplines and professions.

The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning is published annually online and in print by the OCSL Press, the publication arm of the Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning at the University of Michigan.

For issues and submission guidelines, visit the journal website.

Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education
The Journal of Public Scholarship in Higher Education is an academic peer-reviewed journal with a focus on community/civic engagement. JPSHE aims to advance the status and prospects for publicly engaged teaching and research in the academy by showcasing the new disciplinary and/or pedagogical knowledge generated by engagement with the community. Missouri Campus Compact has published 5 volumes, beginning in 2011 all in print form. JPSHE is now hosted online in an open access format. JPSHE provides a venue for higher education faculty and administrative leadership to reflect on the ways that community engagement affects work in higher education. JPSHE welcomes diverse manuscripts, from empirically-based examinations to critical reflection pieces, theoretical investigations, commentaries, case studies, and pedagogical and research designs. All submissions must identify implications for the growth and viability of public scholarship in the academy. For full instructions and author guidelines, please email at  

Journal of Experiential Education
The Journal of Experiential Education (JEE) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal presenting a diverse range of articles in subject areas such as outdoor adventure programming, service learning, environmental education, therapeutic applications, research and theory, the creative arts, and much more.

The Journal of Experiential Education is a peer-reviewed subscription journal published quarterly by Sage Publications in partnership with the Association for Experiential Education.

Journal of Community Practice
The Journal of Community Practice is an interdisciplinary journal grounded in social work. It is designed to provide a forum for community practice, including community organizing, planning, social administration, organizational development, community development, and social change. The journal contributes to the advancement of knowledge related to numerous disciplines, including social work and the social sciences, urban planning, social and economic development, community organizing, policy analysis, urban and rural sociology, community health, public administration, and nonprofit management. As a forum for authors and a resource for readers, this journal makes an invaluable contribution to the community’s conceptualization, applications, and practice.

The Journal of Community Practice is a peer-reviewed, subscription journal published annually by Taylor & Francis online.

For past issues and submission guidelines visit the journal website.

Public: A Journal of Imagining America 
Public encourages community-engaged learning, research, and practice across boundaries through vivid description and analysis, documentation, evaluation, inquiry, and critique. It is part of the national consortium Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, committed to the relationship between culture and participatory democracy. Public is aligned with IA’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals.

Public is a peer-reviewed, multimedia e-journal focused on humanities, arts, and design in public life.

 For past issues and submission guidelines visit the journal website.

Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education 
The Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education (JALHE) is an international and interdisciplinary journal serving the community of scholars engaged in applied learning at institutions of higher education. Its purpose is to advance scholarship on applied learning by providing an outlet for empirical and theoretical work related to this pedagogical practice.

The Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education is a peer-reviewed, open-source journal published by Missouri Western State University.

For past issues visit the journal website.

Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community Based Research
The Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research adds to the increasing number of scholarly journals that invite undergraduates to pursue their own intellectual projects. We seek undergraduate contributions to the burgeoning academic conversation on service learning and community-based research.

The Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research is a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal published annually by the Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research at Penn State Berks.

For past issues and submission guidelines, please visit the journal website.

International Undergraduate Journal for Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Justice
The International Undergraduate Journal for Service-learning, Leadership, and Social Justice is dedicated to providing undergraduate students a venue to discuss their service-learning projects and experiences.  The Journal considers three types of articles:

  1. Articles that discuss the development of a service-learning project and the impact of the project on the community served;
  2. A case study of a service-learning project;
  3. A reflection on service-learning and the development of personal leadership.

The journal is published annually online at Columbia College in South Carolina. For past issues and complete submission guidelines, please visit the Journal website.