The Student Success Partnership is charged with: (1) identifying strategies in place that highlight our successes and where we fall short in helping students achieve success, as defined by the strategic plan; (2) reporting to Cabinet vis-à-vis moving the needle on student success on a biannual basis, generally at the end of each term; and (3) devising a five-year plan in line with the new University strategic plan to address where we can do better. 


  • The partnership will have co-leads, Ginger Reyes acting for the Provost's office and Academic Affairs, and Toni DeBoni acting for the Vice President for Student Affairs office and Student Affairs.
  • Two or three additional members from Academic and Student Affairs as well as presence of the Office of the President via Institutional Research form the Steering Committee.


  • The Steering Committee will use relevant data from intelligent metrics to delineate areas where the campus needs more information or where qualitative or quantitative indicators suggest action should be taken to facilitate student success.
  • The Steering Committee will discuss issues related to authentic student access and success and make recommendations to address problems or to take advantage of opportunities.
  • The co-leads will then report findings and suggestions back to the Provost and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Monthly Reports