Since the COVID-19 outbreak, our campus has undergone significant and rapid changes to adapt to our new virtual working and learning environment. The Division of Business and Financial Affairs (BFA) has adapted many of its operations to support the campus during this transition. At the same time, it has put in place measures to ensure the continued safety and security of those members of our community who are still on campus.

All operational changes made by BFA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the campus' move to a largely virtual learning and working environment are summarized in briefs provided to the President's cabinet. All cabinet briefings will be posted here after presentation and approval by the cabinet.

Table of Contents

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Administrative Services

Repopulation Campus Framework (PDF, 123KB)July 1, 2020
Update 1 on Emergency Pay (PDF, 762KB)May 20, 2020
Non-Telecommuting Workers Leave (PDF, 44KB)April 29, 2020
Update 2 on Paid Administrative Leave (PDF, 199KB)April 7, 2020
Student Assistant Hiring for Fall 2020 (PDF, 128KB)March 27, 2020
Update 1 on Paid Administrative Leave (PDF, 917KB)March 27, 2020
Direction on Emergency Pay (PDF, 338KB)March 25, 2020
Paid Administrative Leave (PDF, 43KB)March 20, 2020

Budget & Planning

CARES Funds Distribution Plan - Updated (PDF, 1.5MB)May 26, 2020
Auxiliary Forecasts for FY19/20 (PDF, 219KB)April 2, 2020

Facilities Services

Campus Building Closure Criteria (PDF, 629KB)April 27, 2020
Development of Physical Asset Plan (PDF, 57KB)March 19, 2020

Financial Services

Update 2 on Cost Mitigation Measures (PDF, 54KB)February 2, 2021
Change in UAS Dining Hours and Locations (PDF, 57KB)May 21, 2020
Update 1 on Cost Mitigation Measures (PDF, 359KB)April 29, 2020
Update 1 on Pay Warrant Distribution (PDF, 82KB)April 27, 2020
Islands Cafe Operations (PDF, 902KB)April 10, 2020
Application for PPP Loan by UAS (PDF, 32KB)April 3, 2020
SBS Hours for Receipt of Tuition Payments (PDF, 190KB)March 29, 2020
Pay Warrant Distribution (PDF, 78KB)March 25, 2020
Remote Purchasing of Stationery and IT Equipment (PDF, 93KB)March 23, 2020
Electronic Routing of Invoices (PDF, 79KB)March 20, 2020
Cost Mitigation Measures (PDF, 78KB)March 20, 2020
SBS Cashier's Office Hours (PDF, 67KB)March 20, 2020

Public Safety

Update 1 on Decision Points for Continued In-Person Instruction (PDF, 106KB)December 16, 2020
Update 1 on Campus Events and Contractor Activities (PDF, 947KB)December 16, 2020
Update 2 on Face Covering Guidance (PDF, 1.2MB)December 10, 2020
Spring 2021 Schedule Adjustment (PDF, 117KB)December 9, 2020
CSUCI Contact Tracing (PDF, 379KB)September 24, 2020
Decision Points for Continued In-Person Instruction (PDF, 82KB)September 24, 2020
Update 1 on Face Covering Guidance (PDF, 222KB)July 29, 2020
Campus Events and Contractor Activities (PDF, 115KB)July 2, 2020
Social Distancing Protocol (PDF, 635KB)April 10, 2020
Face Covering Guidance (PDF, 799KB)April 3, 2020
Mail Handling Guidance (PDF, 229KB)April 3, 2020
University Police Social Distancing (PDF, 799KB)April 3, 2020
CI Park Gate Closure (PDF, 74KB)April 2, 2020

Vice President's Office

Evaluation of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Guidance to Institutions of Higher Education (PDF, 1MB)August 11, 2020
Fall Support Plans (PDF, 94KB)July 1, 2020
Fall Planning Task Force (PDF, 59KB)April 27, 2020
COVID Loss Tracking (PDF, 121KB)April 15, 2020
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