CSU Channel Islands Budget

The budget development process takes place at nearly every level within the university starting with initiatives and programmatic needs and ends with projecting campus-­wide fixed costs such as benefit, insurance and utility increases. CSUCI’s budgets are decentralized with divisional accountability to the President and the Chief Budget Officer of the University. While general guidelines for spending exist, divisions and units maintain considerable autonomy in managing their respective budgets.

A Strategic Resource Planning Committee (SRPC) was appointed during 2012‐13 as a subcommittee of the President’s Planning and Policy Council (PPPC) to begin to strengthen the relationship between campus planning and budgeting. The SRPTF is co‐chaired by the Provost and the Vice President for Division of Business & Financial Affairs. Information may be found at the Strategic Resource Planning Committee webpage.

Go to the Approved Budgets and Amendments webpage to view the current and past campus budgets.

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