1. Priority Guidelines for Funding IRAs:

a. The program/activity is clearly connected to the mission of the University.

b. The program/activity is clearly designed to engage students in activities that they would not otherwise experience and is intended to foster crossing of disciplinary boundaries.

c. The program/activity is at least partially sponsored by an academic discipline or department and which is, in the judgment of the President, integrally related to its formal instructional offerings. (Education Code sect. 89230).

d. Learning outcomes are defined for students participating in the program/activity.

e. There is evidence of, or a plan for, sound financial management of the program/activity and that all students have an opportunity to participate.

f. The general student body and the public have access to view or listen to the program/activity when appropriate. If a broad audience participates, the activity coordinator should seek evaluation of the program/activity from participants.

g. There is demonstrated support from the division, college, and/or department. Demonstrated support may be in the form of funds, facility use, supplies, or faculty/staff time, etc.

h. Attempts are being made, or have been made to secure funds from other source(s).

i. As a general rule, the use of IRA funds for the purchase of food is reviewed on a case by case basis. For example, since there are no establishments that sell food on the Northern Channel Islands, these provisions are typically granted due to the need to transport them to the islands via boat. Please note a $20 per person/ per day meal funding cap if traveling to the islands or staying at the Santa Rosa Research Station (SRIRS). If at the conclusion of your SRI trip you have unused, non-perishable food items left over, please consider donating to the Dolphin Food Pantry upon return to campus; unused non-perishable food items are also stockpiled at SRIRS in the event that weather prevents groups from returning as scheduled. For certain on-campus events, approved food vendors include Tortillas (805-445-9696) and other vendors in UAS Hospitality Services such as U-Glen Catering, Pizza 3.14 and the Town Center Market Deli (http://uas.csuci.edu/hospitality/hospitality-services.htm).

j. As a general rule, the use of IRA funds for the purchase of Physical Equipment is discouraged.  Should certain supplies be deemed appropriate by the committee, IRA funds shall not be used for their recurring maintenance costs (e.g. repair or cleaning of an item).

2. IRA funds cannot be used for:

a. Salaries and wages for functions that are normally funded through the University’s instructional programs. However, the committee will consider—on a case-by-case basis—payment for services that fall outside of the normal nature of work of CI faculty and staff, but that maintain focus on student success.

b. Funding attendance at professional conferences, unless the conference includes competitions, student presentations, or other activities in which students participate directly.

c. Tutorial programs since these are the responsibility of the general fund instructional budget.

d. Travel costs for faculty advisors when the travel is not directly related to student attendance at IRA-funded events. Travel costs for faculty advisors that are directly related to student attendance at IRA funded events may be supported by IRA funds or by departmental budgets.

e. Capital outlay projects, e.g., any renovation or remodeling.

f. Tuition or Fees.

g. The IRA committee disallows funding for repeat students participating in any University 392 international experience course; [the IRA will request a list of students from the CIA database]

i. this includes similar, same, or any international trip labeled as UNIV 392;

ii. if a proposer is unable to fill allotted spots they must present to the committee for further recommendation.

For CSU Student Fee Policy, please refer to Executive Order 1102

For additional IRA committee member guidelines, please refer to IRA Committee Training Manual (PDF, 717KB)

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