• April 17, 2020: Deadline for applications for activities in Academic Year 2020-2021

All applications must be complete (including budget workbook) and be recommended by both Program Chair and your respective Dean or Associate Vice President (AVP) by five business days after this deadline, or it will not be considered.

*NEW - IRA will be using InfoReady for 2020-2021 Applications.

*NEW- For All UNIV 392 Course Proposals: IRA funding requests will be sent to the IRA committee directly by the Center for International Affairs (CIA) for consideration. If you plan to apply for a UNIV 392 course, please contact the Center for International Affairs directly to complete the CIA application process (no separate IRA application is required).

Apply Now

InfoReady is a proposal and review portal that will enhance the management of IRA applications and awards.

IRA Application Instructions

  1. Login to InfoReady
  2. Click on the Competition/Funding you are applying for
  3. Start filling out your application with:
  • Applicant Personal Details
  • Proposal Details (Brief Activity Description, Activity Dates, Learning Outcomes, etc.)
  1. Upload Files
  • IRA Activity Budget - Note, one of the following budget workbook MUST be attached to your online application.
  1. IRA Travel Budget Workbook (MS Excel, 36 KB) - IRA activity including travel
  2. IRA NoTravel Budget Workbook (MS Excel, 26 KB) - IRA activity not including any travel
  1. Recommendation for Approval
  • Entering the email addresses to route your application:
  1. First email - enter the email of your Chair or Director.
  2. Second email - enter the email of your Dean or AVP.
  1. Save or Submit Your Application
  • "Submit Application" (once your application is complete) or "Save as Draft" (if you choose to finish your application later).
  • Once your application is SUBMITTED, no changes can be made and it will be routed to the next steps of the process: recommendation for approval and committee review.

As IRA funds are intended for instructionally related activities, proposals may only be submitted by CI faculty.

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