Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) FY 2023-24 application portal is closed for project proposals with performance expectations between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024. Deadline concluded February 12, 2023. Committee reviews are in process and awards are estimated to be announced in May, 2023.

IRA Island Related Travel is now OPEN for FY 2023-24 submissions. Proposal deadline is April 7, 2023. Requests will be for island travel between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024. Announcement sent to DAA March 14, 2023, Memo: IRA Island Travel. Application instructions are provided below.

In addition, all activities are to be promoted across the campus, requiring that promotional materials be available and circulated two weeks prior to the IRA activity. The IRA logo is required to be on all IRA activity/program-related products, fliers, and announcements, including activity/program websites. IRA LogoIRA Logo

Thank you for helping to engage our students with activities that enrich the student learning experience.

IRA Application Instructions


  1. Login to InfoReady
  2. Click on the Competition/Funding you are applying for
  3. Start filling out your application with:
    • Applicant Department Details
    • Proposal Details (Brief Activity Description, Dates, Learning Outcomes, etc.)
    • AA Department Numbers
    • *Island travel requests are accounted for in a different application process, described below.
  4. Upload Files
  5. Recommendation for Approval
    • Enter the following email addresses to route your application:
      • First email - enter the email of your Chair or Director.
      • Second email - enter the email of your Dean or AVP.
  6. Save or Submit Your Application
    • "Submit Application" (once your application is complete) or "Save as Draft" (if you choose to finish your application later).
    • Once your application is SUBMITTED, no changes can be made and it will be routed to the next steps of the process: recommendation for approval and committee review.
    • All applications must be complete (including budget workbook) and be recommended by both Program Chair and respective Dean or Associate Vice President (AVP) by five business days after submission, or it will not be considered.
    • As IRA funds are intended for instructionally related activities, proposals may only be submitted by CI faculty.
    • IRA Competition is competitive and funding is not guaranteed. Applicant may want to also consider alternate sources of funding.

IRA Island Travel Application Instructions

Deadline: April 7, 2023

Apply Now

  1. Login to SRI Portal
  2. Click on New Application - Class Trip
  3. Select CSUCI IRA Funded Trip
  4. Start filling out your application with:
    • Applicant Department Details
    • Proposal Details (Brief Activity Description, Dates, Learning Outcomes, etc.)
  5. Upload Budget File, mandatory

The IRA fee is classified as a mandatory II fee meaning most all student pay this fee. The IRA fee supports a range of events, guest presentations and performances, field trips (when permitted), and other activities that enhance the educational experience at CI. As all state-supported CI students pay the IRA fee, IRA proposals must be open to all students with opportunities to participate.

Additional Resources:
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Applicant Experience – InfoReady Video
InfoReady Additional Applicant Information (PDF, 235KB)
IRA Resource Page
Academic Affairs Department Numbers
IRA Logo
IRA Logo

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