The Materials, Services, Facilities, and Technology (MSFT) Fee was initially established under CSU Executive Order 827 in 2002.  In Fall 2012 CI students approved a fee referendum increasing the MSFT fee by $30.00/student/semester over a period of three years (increasing the rate $25.00/student/semester in fall 2013, no increase/student/semester in fall 2014, and $5.00/student/semester in fall 2015) gradually raising the fee from the current rate of $35.00 to $65.00 by fall 2015.


Funding from the MSFT fee is generally allocated on an annual basis.

The MSFT fund is managed by a student led committee that reviews requests for funds and makes recommendations about allocations of resources. The committee is appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs in consultation with Student Government and Academic Senate.

Funds provided by the MSFT committee may only be used for the purposes described in your proposal. Substantial changes in the use of MSFT funds require the prior approval of the committee. Unused fund balances will be returned to the MSFT account at the end of the fiscal year.

*** Notification and processes - A final formal notification is sent out to submitter(s) providing a green light for their allocation, including further information on spending and budget. Day-to-day transaction details for MSFT allocations are the responsibility of the submitter(s); the submitter(s) are responsible for keeping track of the progress and budgetary expenses of their respective MSFT allocation.

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