An Emergency Funds Grant, awarded through the Basic Needs Program, seeks to provide immediate financial assistance for students who encounter temporary financial hardship due to unforeseen and catastrophic life events. Please keep in mind that Emergency Funds Grant requests to pay expected expenses such as tuition bills will not be approved. 

To be eligible for an Emergency Funds Grant, applicants must:

  • Be a currently enrolled and a matriculated CSUCI student;
  • Have not have exhausted cost of attendance;
  • Be able to demonstrate an urgent and catastrophic event (supporting documentation required; e.g. car repair estimate, eviction notice, etc.) has occurred within the past Academic Year.

In order to assist with determining your eligibility, in the most efficient and effective manner, please provide as much detailed information as you can about your situation and your need for funding assistance in your request for funds. If we are unable to determine eligibility via your request, you may be asked to meet with a Basic Needs staff member to determine eligibility.

Apply for an Emergency Grant

Below are a few examples to assist you in determining if you may qualify for an Emergency Funds Grant. 

Eligible for Emergency Grant (examples of unforeseen urgent and catastrophic events):

  • Severe illness or hospitalization (i.e. to assist with covering medical expenses)
  • Temporary inadequate housing (i.e. needing to leave your permanent residence due to an unforeseen event, not to include lack of a permanent residence)
  • Loss of fixed income (i.e. loss of primary financial support person, or loss of employment. If loss of employment is the reason for application, please ensure that all efforts have been taken to receive unemployment benefits prior to applying for the Grant)
  • Car accident or unforeseen related car expense (i.e. car repair expenses; does not include foreseen expenses related to owning a car, such as DMV renewal fees, etc.)

Not Eligible for Emergency Grant:

  • You are not a currently enrolled student
  • You have lost your job, but you are eligible to collect unemployment as a source of income (must provide documentation that you have been denied or the amount received is minimal and still leaves you in need)
  • You are requesting funds for expected or planned expenses like:
    • Permanent Housing (i.e. expenses related to your student housing contract)
    • Tuition
    • DMV renewals
    • Utility bills

Requests for the above will only be considered if payments could not be made due to unforeseen/unexpected urgent and/or catastrophic events which has caused a redirection of resources.

Emergency Funds Grants are sums of money (generally under $500) meant to help address an immediate need. There is a maximum Emergency Funds Grant amount each student may receive each academic year, and all grants are dependent on funds available to the Basic Needs Program. Students may receive multiple grants over the course of an academic year, but the total amount awarded will not exceed the annual maximum amount.

By applying for an Emergency Funds Grant, applicants acknowledge and accept the potential impact of receiving such an award may have on financial aid awards they may receive through the University or by any other outside entity. If you have questions regarding the potential impact receiving such an award may have on your financial aid awards, contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships office at 805-437-8530.

All information provided while applying for an Emergency Funds Grant will be used solely for the application process and will be treated as confidential.

Apply for an Emergency Grant

For additional information, please contact Basic Needs at 805-437-2067.

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