Emergency Housing

The Basic Needs Program seeks to provide support to students experiencing housing insecurity on a short-term basis as they identify long-term housing solutions. CSUCI is able to provide emergency transitional housing accommodations based on space availability.

The following situations may lead to unsafe living situations and the Basic Needs Staff will assess these scenarios on a case by case basis to assess if the student is in or will be in an unsafe living situation based on accessibility of housing:

  • Lease not renewed or evicted for nonpayment (unexpectedly);
  • Sudden breakup of relationship left them homeless;
  • Homeowner suddenly asks renter to leave so they can move back;
  • Termination of job;
  • Financial aid did not come through as expected; and/or
  • Couch surfing, but have exhausted their welcome.

In each of these scenarios, a student receiving temporary housing accommodations from Basic Needs is required to meet with Basic Needs staff on a consistent, regular basis for the duration of time they are receiving services to move forward with identifying and transitioning to stable housing.

Apply for Emergency Housing

For additional information, please contact the Basic Needs at basicneeds@csuci.edu or 805-437-2067.

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