Emergency Housing

The Basic Needs Program seeks to provide support to students experiencing housing insecurity on a short-term basis as they identify long-term housing solutions. CSUCI is able to provide emergency transitional housing accommodations based on space availability and eligibility for up to 10 – 15 days.

The following situations may meet the criteria for an unsafe housing situation that may warrant immediate placement in emergency housing:
• Perceived danger or threat of danger;
• Illegal activities in current residence;
• Being bullied, abused, harassed, controlled;
• Discrimination or hate crime committed
• Serious privacy violations;
• Stalking and/or dating/domestic violence;
• Living in dwelling not designed to be lived in with little to no access to bathroom and/or kitchen facilities (i.e. backyard shed);
• Living in a vehicle or shelter; and/or
• Living in a campsite (not for recreational purposes).

The following situations may lead to unsafe living situations and the Dean of Students office will assess these scenarios on a case by case basis to assess if the student is in or will be in an unsafe living situation based on accessibility of housing:
• Lease not renewed or evicted for nonpayment (unexpectedly);
• Sudden breakup of relationship left them homeless;
• Homeowner suddenly asks renter to leave so they can move back;
• Termination of job;
• Financial aid did not come through as expected; and/or
• Couch surfing, but have exhausted their welcome.

In each of these scenarios, the Dean of Students office will require a student to meet with a case manager for a minimum of three to a maximum of six times to address their housing situations.

Apply for Emergency Housing

For additional information, please contact the Dean of Students office at 805-437-8512.

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