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This comprehensive internship resource guide (PDF 113 KB) outlines the differences between academic credit and paid internships including the role of career development services, CI interns, and the employer in an internship agreement.

*Please note: For-Profit organizations are highly discouraged from offering unpaid internships. For-Profit organizations seeking unpaid interns run the risk of non-compliance with The Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act

Academic Credit Internships

  • Please review the Academic Credit Internship Checklist to determine if your organization is eligible to offer an academic credit internship to CI students.
  • If you meet all of the criteria, please submit evidence of the requested insurance coverage (e.g., Certificate of Liability, Additional Insured Endorsement, and Workers Compensation Subrogation Waiver), as well as the completed Academic Credit Internship Checklist. Submit all documents via the online application. Please allow 14 business days for your application to be reviewed.
  • Once your documents have been reviewed and approved by the Procurement & Contract Services department, your academic credit internship posting can be approved on Dolphin CareerLink (see Step-By-Step Instructions). Completion of this process does not guarantee placement of an intern. If a CI student applies to the position and is selected by your organization, the student will need to initiate a Self-Selected Internship for Academic Credit Agreement
  • Questions regarding the required insurance coverage may be directed to our Procurement & Contract Services department, at or 805-437-8592.
  • Questions regarding the Academic Credit Internship Checklist can be directed to Danielle Quillan, Internship Program Analyst at or 805-437-3270.

Internship Resources

Current Benchmarks: Intern Compensation
Internships: Legal Issues 

Legal Issues Affecting Employers

Selecting Candidates
Workplace Issues

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