2021 Career Development & Alumni Engagement Virtual Resources Postcard

Our staff is dedicated to advancing and supporting the recruitment, retention and transition of CI students. To make our services effective, we need the support and assistance of CI faculty and staff. You may be the first to recognize that a student is in need of assistance because they are unaware of the variety of resources, programs and services offered by Career Development and Alumni Engagement. Additionally, students trust and respect your expertise and opinion as a faculty or staff member. We look forward to collaboration opportunities with faculty and staff to promote student success.

Integrating Class Assignments with CDAE and Request a Presentation

We can help you integrate career development into learning activities, exercises, and assignments for your students and classes.

Career Education Materials and Topics

  • Connecting with CDAE
  • Career Exploration- Focus 2
  • Resume/Cover Letter
  • Career Fair Success
  • Getting Started with LinkedIn
  • Interviewing with Confidence
  • Networking Like a Pro

We also offer student-related presentations (e.g., student organizations, campus departments).

Internships & Academic Credit

Information to support faculty and staff who have students seeking internships and academic credit. Access Dolphin CareerLink to connect your quality students with local and regional employers seeking our student talent. Gaining access to Dolphin CareerLink will keep you updated on internship and career opportunities to increase collaboration between CDAE, faculty, employers, and CI students.

Refer Employers

We appreciate your support in referring employers who may contact you in an effort to identify students from your academic disciplines for internships or full-time positions.

Other Resources for faculty and staff

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