What was your major at CI? What was the month and year of your graduation?:

Communication with an emphasis in Business and NonProfit, May 2015

What is your job title and the company where you are currently employed?:

Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Document Systems

What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?:

Time Management, Communication Skills, Critical & Creative Thinking, Computer Skills are helpful because the necessity is inevitable

Why did this type of work interest you, and how did you get started?:

I was very excited when I found Document Systems, Inc. because the position required someone who could act as a liaison between departments and cover a multitude of projects. I am the type of person that likes to keep busy and feel like I am needed at work so this was definitely an appealing factor. I had been applying and interviewing for about 3 months before I went on my first interview and I could immediately tell that Document Systems had the biggest focus on keeping their employees happy out of all the other companies I had met with. They promote individual growth by consistently offering training opportunities to their employees while maintaining a positive and encouraging vibe in the office. The cherry on top for me was when I discovered that they had a priority in being a rooted member in the Ventura County community. They achieve this by donating copiers to charities and by hosting community events like our 3rd Annual Blood Drive which we just hosted last Friday. I knew Document Systems was the right fit for me when I discovered that my values were in line with the company values and that this was a place where I would receive the encouragement and support needed to reach my full potential.

How well did your college experience prepare you for this job?:

Channel Islands did a great job in setting me up for the real world. It is not enough to just do the course work and receive the A anymore. You have to take advantage of all the resources that CSUCI can offer you including the career center and the writing workshops. There are so many wonderful people on campus who are just waiting to help you. The more people you can get to remember your name, the better.

Did you utilize Career Development Services (CDS) during your time at CI? If so, please describe how engaging in programs and services (e.g., Career & Internship Fair, CI Connection Luncheon, Drop-In Career Counseling) offered through CDS contributed to your career development:

In my senior semester at Channel Islands I really put myself out there and it totally paid off. I joined the Hank Lacayo Internship Program where I was placed in a paid intern position as a Marketing Assistant with a brand new company called FreshRealm. With that experience I had opportunities to get to know other students with similar goals as me and to get familiar with powerful members in the Community. I was fortunate enough to receive special attention and advice from amazing resources like Amanda Carpenter on professional situations all while experiencing what it’s like to work in my field under the guide of my Branding Supervisor, John Styn.

Patty Dang is a wizard at resumes, interviewing, and public speaking. One meeting with her in the Career Center will change your life. I cannot stress that enough.

Finally, I attended a Networking event on campus where I was matched with a mentor who was a working professional in the community and also happened to be a recent graduate at CI! At this event I was able to network with hiring professionals, work on-on-one with my mentor, and listen in on a panel of successful business owners in the area. Some people found job opportunities at this event, but I just found the practice of representing yourself on the professional level very helpful.

Do you have any advice (job hunting or otherwise) for CI students?:

I never thought I would actually turn down positions after I graduated, especially around that third month of unemployment, but I actually turned down six. It is important to not let yourself get discouraged and to make sure you are exploring all possible options which means not being so stuck on the positions that people in your major usually get, because there are new positions being created for people every day.

Would you be willing to connect with current CI students who have questions for you on LinkedIn? If so, please include your LinkedIn url.