What was your major at CI? What was the month and year of your graduation?:

Psychology, 05/2015

What is your job title and the name of the company where you are currently employed?:

Development Coordinator at California State University Long Beach for two colleges:

College of Business Administration & College of Natural Science and Mathematics

What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?:

Multi-Tasking is key in my position- I coordinate events, keep track of our system of Donors, assist with grant writing, and work with faculty and staff from the two colleges. It has taught me to be better in planning, and being detail-oriented.

Why did this type of work interest you, and how did you get started?:

This opportunity could have not happened without Dr. Carpenter, and the Hank Lacayo Internship Program. In my internship, I was partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo as a development intern. With my time there, I really liked the idea of helping raise money for children to excel in their education. My current job has the same core value.

How well did your college experience prepare you for this job?:

The great thing about Channel Islands is how accessible resources and opportunities are available. The diversity of the faculty opened my eyes to a lot of ideas of how I wanted to build my career path after college. Another big factor that helped me with my current job is the Career Center. They help me navigate in how to prepare of looking for a job- building a resume, conducting fake interviews.

Did you utilize Career Development Services (CDS) during your time at CI? If so, please describe how engaging in programs and services (e.g., Career & Internship Fair, CI Connection Luncheon, Drop-In Career Counseling) offered through CDS contributed to your career development:

Yes, Drop in Counseling the Career Development Services was crucial to my undergraduate education and achieving my career goal. I admired the accessibility of when I had a question or needed advice of how easy it was to walk in and discuss with one of the staff members.

Do you have any advice (job hunting or otherwise) for CI students?:

Use your time in you undergraduate studies to really explore what possible career choices you are thinking about. Take every job/internship opportunity you can to gain various skills that employers see valuable to their field. Be open to taking different classes outside of your major to make sure you are getting a degree you are passionate about. Lastly, go to the Career Center to explore what internships/jobs are happening inside and outside the school. They are really great in helping you build a concrete resume.

Would you be willing to connect with current CI students who have questions for you on LinkedIn? If so, please include your LinkedIn url.

Yes, https://www.linkedin.com/in/raquel-santos-21aba3113?trk=hp-identity-name