This initiative uses a team-teaching model to address writing in the sciences efficiently and lastingly.  We work with three science faculty members in the physical and natural sciences each semester.  In time, we envision extending the model into other disciplines.  Ultimately, The Roving Rhetorician seeks to nurture a university-wide culture of writing at Channel Islands.


  • Clarify the writing goals and expectations in relation to the particular course and discipline
  • Develop writing prompts that reflect those goals and outcomes in the course
  • Develop rubrics that can help assess how students achieve those outcomes
  • Model in-class activities focused on writing and on-line pedagogies such as peer-to-peer feedback on Blackboard
  • Attend approximately 1/3 of the course meetings in each partner course

Further Information

Archived course and faculty information

Writing Resources:

2 Ways to Prepare A Literature Review (MS Word, 39.0KB)

Helpful Steps When Writing A Literature Review (PDF, 114.0KB)

MLA vs. APA (MS Word, 42.0KB)

Instructions For Revising Without A Partner (MS Word, 15.3KB)

APA Sample (PDF, 77.3KB)