Thank you for your interest in becoming a Note Taker for your class(es). The hiring process for this position is based on availability of open positions and meeting the eligibility requirements.

Note takers will be paid $100 for the entire lecture and $50 for labs payable at the end of the semester. Once you are selected as a Note Taker you must attend class regularly, take clear/complete notes, and submit a copy of your notes to DASS-Online within 24 hours of each lecture.

Please follow the application process in order to secure your Note Taking position.

Instructions for Note Taker Application

  1. Note Takers must complete the online Note Taker Application.
    *Students must apply to be Note Taker every semester that they are interested in the position.
  2. Once you have completed the Note Taker Application, a confirmation email will be sent confirming that DASS has received your application.
  3. If you are selected to be a Note Taker, you will receive an additional email with more information and forms to be completed. These forms can also be found in the Forms section of our website.
  4. Forms need to be completed electronically (typed) and submitted to the DASS office by email to or in-person at Arroyo Hall 210.

Note Taker Eligibility

  1. Note Taker must be a CI student.
  2. Note Taker must be in good academic standing.
  3. Upon selection, must provide proof of eligibility for employment (i.e. Social Security card and valid I.D.).

Note Taker Responsibilities

  • Note Taker must review training provided by DASS staff.
  • Note Taker must attend each class session as required by the instructor.
  • Note Taker must upload notes within 24 hours of each class session.
  • Note Taker must submit legible handwritten or typed notes to DASS-Online.
  • Note Taker must contact DASS regarding any problems that arise with their Note Taking responsibilities.