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From the very first day that CSU Channel Islands opened its doors, President Circle members have been there to support our students every step of the way.

Our President's Circle of dedicated partners has played a critical role in ensuring our first-generation college students have the resources to realize their dreams. Support from President’s Circle members has made a critical difference for our veterans transitioning from soldier to student, and our low-income students who are working tirelessly to earn a degree that will provide transformative change in their lives, beginning with increased social mobility.

CSU Channel Islands' President’s Circle supports a vital role in meeting the current needs of our students and the growing needs of our communities.  By providing students with supports to finalize their educational goals, while meeting regional workforce needs, our efforts reflect our values and mission, explicitly around diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

President’s Circle support removes barriers to education, and makes possible the dream of higher education to families who may not have the resources to do so on their own. 

Support through the President’s Circle has:

  • • Contributed generously to our Ekho Your Heart emergency fund which was designed to support our campus community with emergency situations like the pandemic. The fund has been a critical and flexible campus resource designed to support a wide variety of circumstances and unique situations, such as funding towards basic food and shelter, school supplies, internet access and emergency vehicle repair. The support goes directly to students without impacting their financial aid packages. Between June 2020 – October 2021, 149 students have participated in the program, allocating a total of $84,500.
  • • Provided funding for students to participate in Undergraduate Research at CI – Student research is a high-impact teaching practice and an important element of the CI academic program where faculty mentored student research takes place in subjects such as healthcare, the environment and technology enhanced learning and provides opportunities for graduate education and future employment. Undergraduate Research also gives CSUCI students and faculty the opportunity to engage in strong campus-community partnerships and to solve real world problems.
  • • Provided support to our Peer Mentor Ambassadors programs - these Peer Mentors provide support to their fellow students who need help in navigating all aspects of college life – especially our new incoming students, helping them to navigate this new virtual modality and connecting them to the resources that would serve to keep them enrolled at CSUCI.  The CSUCI Peer Mentor Ambassador Program provides student mentors with the opportunity to earn a $7,000 per year stipend, affording them with the financial assistance needed to cover fees and tuition and the time to do more to support their fellow students.

Now more than ever our students’ pathway to social mobility is critical not only for themselves, their families and the economic vitality of our region. For  these reasons and more, we remain grateful to have President’s Circle members as part of the CSUCI Community.

Please take this opportunity to channel your passion for CSUCI and become a President’s Circle member. Your gift will make all the difference in the education of our future leaders.

Annual contributions of $1,000 or more qualifies donors for a CSUCI President’s Circle membership.

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