Accessing Absence Management Self-Service (AMSS)

  1. Sign in to myCI
  2. Click on “CI Personnel” under Services:
    myCI landing page
  3. Use one of the Business Process Guides available below for specific navigation once you are in the system. You can find “Self Service” or “Manager Self Service” in the main menu:

amss menu

Employee Self-Service

Employees are required to enter their absences into AMSS throughout the month. Absences are electronically reviewed by their department Timekeeper and approved by the employee’s manager.

  • Employee Self-Service Business Process Guide (PDF, 947KB)
  • Employee Self Service Training - Video
  • FAQs - AMSS General
  • FAQs - Reporting Absences
  • Other FAQ's
    1. What if I don’t take any time off?

      Enter “No Leave Taken” to report that you did not take any time off during the pay period.

    2. What if my department supervisor enters my absence?

      Complete the Absence & Additional Time Worked Report form (STD 634). The form is to be signed by you and your supervisor and will be used to enter your absences.

    3. Do I have to sign a paper form if I enter my absences in AMSS?

      No, all absences entered through self-service certifies your usage.

    4. How do I correct an absence I have entered?

      An employee can correct an absence before the supervisor approves the absence. The incorrect absence must be deleted by clicking the trash can symbol. Then you can enter the correct absence. If the supervisor has already approved the absence, then the supervisor must delete the entry(s) and have it re-entered.

    5. How do I correct an absence after the AM period is closed?

      Complete the Absence & Additional Time Worked Report and forward to Payroll Services. Check the “Revision” box on the top of the form and show all leave usage for the month.

    6. How do I see if my absence was approved?

      When in “Report and View Absences,” make sure that the “From” and “Through” dates are appropriate for the period you are reviewing. Click on the “Absence Status” hyperlink for “Existing Absence Events” to see details about the status. Every status change is time stamped and recorded including the supervisor approval of an absence.

    7. How do I enter an absence for a prior period?

      You can enter absences for the current month and two prior months in AMSS. Any absence prior or beyond two prior pay periods must be submitted to Payroll on the Absence & Additional Time Worked Report form.

    8. Why isn’t the “Absence Duration” correct for a full-day’s absence?

      AM requires input of schedules to determine absence reporting on specific days. The system defines a schedule as the number of hours worked on specific days during the week. If your schedule is incorrect in the system, the absence duration will be incorrect. View your schedule and submit a Work Schedule Change form for the new schedule.

    9. How do I view my schedule?

      Navigate to Self Service > Time Reporting > View Time > Monthly Schedule


The main function of a Timekeeper is to review employee-entered absences and make corrections if necessary. Timekeepers have the ability to enter absences on behalf of an employee in his/her department. Absences entered by Timekeepers are automatically updated to a status of “Reviewed” and await Manager approval in the system.


Managers approve absences which have been entered by employees and reviewed by Timekeepers. Approvers may also enter an absence on an employee’s behalf in the event that the employee or Timekeeper is unable to do so. Absences entered by Approvers are automatically updated to a status of “Approved”. Alternate or Proxy Approver roles can be assigned to an appropriate manager at the request of the Department Head.

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