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Cal Employee Connect

Cal Employee Connect (CEC) allows you to view, download, and print your paycheck and W-2 information. Refer to the Job Aid to learn more about all the functions of the CEC portal.

CEC Job Aid:

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Please utilize the payroll calendar for specified payroll deadlines and payment dates.

Paycheck Calculator:

The California State Controller's Office has provided an online Paycheck Calculator to calculate net pay and withholding amounts for employees paid on a monthly basis.

Helpful Hints:

  • If you are currently receiving CSU pay, have your most recent paystub available and scroll down below the spreadsheet to “General Information” for instructions on how to use the Calculator.
  • Mandatory paycheck deductions include:
    1. Federal and State Tax
    2. Medicare tax (1.45%)
    3. Retirement (7.5% or 5%, depending on the time base and length of appointment)
    4. Social security (4.2%)
    5. Union Dues
    6. All other deductions are voluntary.
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