Instructionally Related Activities Funds Request Summary

Project SponsorAndrzej Bieszczad
Activity TitleACM ICPC Programming Contest
Activity/Event DateNow. 8th, 2014
Date Funding Needed ByAugust 26th, 2014
Previously Funded?Yes
Semester/YearDall 2013
Proposal #562
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity?Yes
Report submitted for previously Funded Activityira-report-fall2013.pdf (PDF, 308.5KB)
Academic Program or Center NameComputer Science
Estimated total Course Fee revenue0
Amount Requested from IRA4300
Estimated Number of Students Participating15
Conditions and ConsiderationsField Trip
Brief Activity DescriptionThe students will participate in an annual, internationally recognized programming contest sponsored by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IBM, and Google that involves over 1800 universities from around the world sending over 6000 teams to numerous regional contest. Our university belongs to the Southern California region. The students compete against peers from various institutions of higher education including CalTech, USC, all Southern California UC and CSU campuses, numerous private institutions as well as some of the best community colleges. In addition to improving their skills as computer programmers, the event allows our students to expand their horizons beyond the walls of the Computer Science Program, and the CSUCI.
Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course OfferingsProgramming is a fundamental skill that is taught in numerous Computer Science courses: COMP105 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, COMP150 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, COMP151 Algorithms and Data Structures, COMP232 Programming Languages, COMP350 Software Engineering, COMP351 Distributed Computing, COMP450 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming, and many others that have smaller or larger programming components. 

The contest is a competition between teams of three students that have to share one computer trying to solve six difficult problems in a five-hour session. The teams have to practice for several weeks to prepare for the event. For that, the eligible students enroll in COMP450 Advanced Object-Oriented Programming, and some may participate through COMP497 Directed Studies (e.g., if participating second time).

Through this activity, the students exercise not only programming but also interpersonal skills working as members of a competing team. Teamwork is an extremely important aspect of the computer programming profession, and the industry requires that these professionals have excellent teamwork expertise.
Description of Assessment ProcessPerformance at the contest wrt other CSUs and community colleges.
Feedback from the students.
Activity Budgetacm-ira-travelbudget.pdf (PDF, 47.5KB)
CIA Budget
CIA Proposal
Course Syllabus
CIA Certification
Other Sources of FundingNONE
Target Audience/Student MarketingAll CI student that can program at a competitive level.
In collaboration with Computer Science Club, class announcements, and wall posters.
Bring Benefit to CampusThe benefits if this activity are imprinted into participating students through improving their programming skills, developing teamwork, and installing social bonds that are projected on their peers throughout their careers at CI.

The CI group is always recognized by the others as we are one of the largest and best organized. The CI attire is an extremely important part of the outreach, as other institutions recognize CI as the place to study computer science.
SustainabilityI do not think that we do have any impact. Perhaps if we asked for ebook readers, we could buy ebooks rather than printed versions. I am afraid that that would not be see very favorable by the committee, so for now we will stick to the paper.
Program Chair/Directorpeter.smith
Academic Affairs AVPkaren.carey
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Program Chair/Director Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NamePeter Smith
Date/Time2/23/2014 5:27:54 PM

Academic Affairs AVP Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameKaren Carey
Date/Time2/24/2014 8:36:25 AM