Instructionally Related Activities Funds Request Summary

Project SponsorTiina Itkonen
Activity TitlePerspectives on Disability
Activity/Event Date9/18; 10/2; 10/16
Date Funding Needed ByAugust 2014
Previously Funded?Yes
Semester/YearFall, 2013
Proposal #
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity?No
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity
Academic Program or Center NameSchool of Education
Estimated total Course Fee revenue0
Amount Requested from IRA1,000
Estimated Number of Students Participating70
Conditions and Considerations
Brief Activity DescriptionThis project is directly linked to all courses under the CSUCI value of diversity. The primary audience are students in the School of Education (with about 450 undergraduate FTES and 250 post baccalaureate FTES). Diversity of ability is a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing standard which is enhanced through this project. The target programs include special education with its 2 credentials; multiple subject credential; single subject credential; educational leadership credential, and liberal studies and early childhood majors.
This successful project brings individuals with disabilities to our campus to talk to our undergraduate and teacher credential students about what it was like to go through school with a disability. The speakers are successful adults, having conquered the challenges of their disabilities, and either the non-supportive educational environments or uninvolved parents. For instance, the speakers in the past 5 semesters have included a young man with Down Syndrome who owns his own micro-enterprise business and his own home; a young man with autism who is successfully employed at an elementary school as a para-educator; a mother who was told that she should place her child in an institution but who fought the right for her child to be included in the community; a early childhood educator with a MA degree from CSUN who was told in high school that because of her learning disability, she is not college material and should bag groceries.

The aim of inviting guest speakers, who have disabilities themselves, is to emphasize the value of diversity. Individuals with disabilities are people first. We often talk about people with disabilities in the third person and as objects, versus placing them at the center of their dreams and aspirations. When CSUCI students have had opportunities to hear educational experiences and challenges directly from individuals with disabilities, they have been powerful and insightful, as reported by students both on formal student evaluations and on event evaluation forms. Although this event has occurred for 4 years, CSUCI student feedback and evaluations consistently plead for this event to continue. The credential programs are two semesters long, so no student will ever hear the presentations twice. As one evaluation comment stated about what was most interesting about the presentation: “…To understand that everybody with or without any type of disabilities can be somebody in life. What matters is to have the desire to do something and that we are our only obstacle—nothing else and nobody else.”

The honorarium is necessary because many of the guest speakers do not drive and take the train to Camarillo.
Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course OfferingsLEARNING OUTCOMES: (** associated with event)

Education Specialist students:
1. **Describe the characteristics, variations and systems for families with disabilities across the life span.**
2. **Illustrate roles, responsibilities, complexities, and reciprocal influences of families and professionals in the special education process.**
3. Explain and apply techniques and skills used in individual and group process facilitation, problem solving, decision-making, collaboration, communication and team-building in order to effectively work in partnership with families and professionals in the special education process.
4. **Describe professional best practices that are sensitive and empowering to diverse students and their families when developing and implementing individualized special education services for learners with special needs.**

Single subject students:
1. **Identify the methods and techniques for identifying students with special needs, including gifted and talented students, in middle and secondary schools; **
2. **Identify methods and strategies for teaching students with special needs and gifted and talented students in middle and secondary schools;**
3. Demonstrate the use of universal design strategies to meet the needs of students with disabilities;
4. Participate in the design and implementation individual educational plans that reflect appropriate cultural and linguistic sensitivity;
5. Examine the scheduling, content learning, grading, and other issues specific to students with special needs in secondary school settings.
6. **Demonstrate the use of collaboration with special education professionals and families.**


The guest speakers will be presenting in a cross listed course, EDSS/SPED 560 with about 50 students. Students from other courses are invited to attend:

EDUC 101, EDUC 520, EDMS 520SPED/PSYCH 345, SPED 541, SPED 543,

Description of Assessment ProcessEnd-of-activity evaluations; formal student evaluations
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Other Sources of FundingSchool of Education (parking permits for guest speakers; any copying; tech support)
Target Audience/Student MarketingIntended audience are credential students from special education and single subject programs; as well as pre-requisitive students preparing to apply for the credential progam. Other School of Education students and instructors will be invited to attend.

In the past I have sent out a SOE email to all instructors and students informing them about the activity, dates, and presenters. I also have a Facebook page for current special education students and alumni, with 80 members, and that venue will be used. Single subject has a page as well. It is a very active professional venue. Some instructors use this event as a "make up" for those who have missed class, and some instructors have brought their entire class. (Last Fall we met at the auritorium in Del Norte for those nights and were able to accommodate a lot of people).

Also word of mouth has started to take place as a promotion activity. The presenters are prominent leaders in the fields of disability and disability advocacy, and often featured in papers and local news.
Bring Benefit to CampusThe event will occur on campus. The presentations are directly linked to course work. Students attending from other courses have been asked to write a reflection as it relates to their specific course.
SustainabilityThis event promotes human sustainability in long-term maintenance of well being, such as future teachers understanding disability as a social construct and a cultural experience. One component of sustainability is social equity which this event promotes.
Program Chair/Directormanuel.correia
Academic Affairs AVPgary.kinsey
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Program Chair/Director Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameManuel Correia
Date/Time2/24/2014 9:58:13 AM

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ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameGary Kinsey
Date/Time2/24/2014 2:20:15 PM