Instructionally Related Activities Funds Request Summary

Project SponsorSimone Aloisio
Activity TitleChemistry Seminar Series
Activity/Event DateOngoing AY 2014/15
Date Funding Needed ByStart of AY 2014/15
Previously Funded?No
Proposal #
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity?
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity
Academic Program or Center NameChemistry
Estimated total Course Fee revenue0
Amount Requested from IRA$6000
Estimated Number of Students Participating120
Conditions and ConsiderationsArtist/Performer/Speaker Fees & Honoraria
Brief Activity DescriptionIRA funds are sought to start a chemistry speaker series. Over the course of the academic year, we will have 10 speakers on campus to talk about various topics in chemistry and biochemistry. We plan to have 8 speakers come during department seminar in Fall 2014, which will have students enrolled in as a seminar class (CHEM 496), and will be open to all students to attend. We plan to have two additional speakers come in Spring of 2015 for special seminars that we will advertise and connect to our capstone class (CHEM 499).
Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course OfferingsCHEM 496

1. Explain, describe, and summarize research on current topics in chemistry and biochemistry research.
2. Articulate in writing lessons learned when hearing about outside research.
3. Analyze the work of other researchers critically.
4. Relate knowledge gained from speakers to their own knowledge base, especially related to their research.

CHEM 499
• Evaluate a chemical problem and determine how molecular shape, electronic structure, thermodynamics, kinetics, and intermolecular interactions are involved in the behavior of the system.
• Present and discuss results of scientific work in a professional, well-organized and substantive way.
• Communicate chemical information to both a colloquial and specialized audience.
• Demonstrate the ability to write to the scientific audience using the accepted conventions of the day.
• Evaluate and accurately reference background information from previous studies in the literature.
• Discuss and critique other students’ scientific work in a constructive way.
Description of Assessment ProcessWe will track attendance of students in the seminars by having a sign up sheet. Students enrolled in the seminar class will be encouraged to engage with speakers. We will submit a report to IRA next year.
Activity Budgetchemistry-seminar-13-14-ira-regularbudget.xlsx (MS Excel, 197.8KB)
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Other Sources of FundingNone.
Target Audience/Student MarketingWe will have a captive audience in the CHEM 496 and CHEM 499 classes. We will also advertise the event campus wide. It is expected that we will draw from STEM majors mostly, but we plan on having some speakers who will give general interest talks. It is anticipated that attendance will be about 30-60 students each seminar, with different students attending at different times. During the Spring, we would like to draw between 60-90 students for our two capstone seminar speakers.
Bring Benefit to CampusA seminar series will expose our students to knowledge and research beyond what our medium sized department currently has. We hope it elevates the culture of our university.
SustainabilitySome of the talks will relate to issues such as environmental chemistry. Our speakers will be encouraged to travel sustainably.
Program Chair/Directorsimone.aloisio
Academic Affairs AVPkaren.carey
AcknowledgementI acknowledge that I have reviewed and accepted the Conditions and Considerations herein. Please check off boxes as appropriate.

Program Chair/Director Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameSimone Aloisio
Date/Time2/25/2014 6:44:02 PM

Academic Affairs AVP Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameKaren Carey
Date/Time2/26/2014 8:14:24 AM