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Project SponsorMichael Powelson
Activity TitleTwentieth Anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mini Conference
Activity/Event DateOct. 17, 2014
Date Funding Needed ByMay 1, 2014
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Academic Program or Center NameHistory Program
Estimated total Course Fee revenueN/A
Amount Requested from IRA$1,736
Estimated Number of Students Participating150 students
Conditions and ConsiderationsArtist/Performer/Speaker Fees & Honoraria
Brief Activity Description
The North American Free Trade Agreement was first enacted twenty years ago in 1994. Advocates of NAFTA argued that this free trade bill would enrich the three nations involved: Canada, the US, and Mexico. Proponents argued that lifting government regulations and modifying existing labor and environmental laws would benefit all parties to the treaty.

Yet from the beginning there has been wide opposition to the treaty. In Chiapas the National Zapatista Liberation Army ( Ejercito Zapatista Liberacion Naciona) opposed the treaty and engaged in military battle with the Mexican army. Peasant and labor organizations as well as journalists and academics have criticized aspects of the treaty, from the growth of maquiladoras to its environmental and labor provisions.

This one day mini-conference will invite scholars to assess the impact of NAFTA, both good and bad, over the past twenty years. There will be a Call for Papers distributed in late spring semester to generate paper proposals among which 4 panels will be organized, two in the morning and two afternoon. The 12 best papers will be accepted. There will be also be a morning keynote speaker and afternoon speaker in the conference. The afternoon speaker will be the Mexican consul located in Oxnard, CA.

Graduate students as well as faculty are welcome to submit papers on a variety of topics concerning NAFTA. Possible topics are:

Labor laws under NAFTA
NAFTA and the environment
Zapatista guerrilla movement
Women and NAFTA
Privatization under NAFTA
Legal enforcement under NAFTA
Agrarian Movements
Human rights and NAFTA
NAFTA and immigration law

Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course OfferingsList of Classes offered during Fall Semester 2014:

HIST 271 The United States Since 1877 (Powelson)
Two lectures will be devoted to NAFTA in relation to US history

HIST 349 History of Business and Economics (Powelson)
Two weeks on NAFTA

CHS 350: Chicano/a History & Culture (Alamillo)
One week will examine the relationship between NAFTA and Chicano/a community in the US

ENGL 353: Chicano/a-Latino/a Literature (Guzman)
Students will read several short stories on immigration and the impact of NAFTA on Mexican society

FIN 300 Business Finance (Griffin)
One week will examine the financial ramifications of NAFTA

PS 490 Special Topics: Law Politics and Society (McThomas)
A week dedicated to issues of immigration and cross-border economics and culture.

SOC 360 Race & Ethnicity (Olmos)
Students will examine the racial and ethnicity issues on both sides of the border

History Program Outcomes:
good understanding and knowledge of the history of North America.
good understanding and knowledge of global history in other regions of the world.
good knowledge and problem-solving skills in analyzing contemporary and historical events.
good communication skills in oral and written forms.
good skills in historical research, analysis, and presentations.
Description of Assessment ProcessA survey will be administered to students and attendees.
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Target Audience/Student MarketingThe intended audience will be students, faculty and staff and the general public.
Bring Benefit to CampusSince the event is on campus it will immediately benefit the university
Program Chair/Directorjames.meriwether
Academic Affairs AVPkaren.carey
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