Instructionally Related Activities Funds Request Summary

Project SponsorSean Anderson
Activity TitleESRM Spring 2015 Seminar Speakers Series
Activity/Event DateSpring Semester 2015
Date Funding Needed ByDecember 2014
Previously Funded?Yes
Semester/YearSpring 2014
Proposal #
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity?No
Report submitted for previously Funded Activityira-report-s13.pdf (PDF)
Academic Program or Center NameESRM
Estimated total Course Fee revenuenone
Amount Requested from IRA6000
Estimated Number of Students Participating~100-200
Conditions and ConsiderationsArtist/Performer/Speaker Fees & Honoraria
Brief Activity DescriptionWe seek support to bring six seminar speakers to campus for our interdisciplinary speaker series. Our spring seminar has grown increasingly popular and now routinely draws at least 40-50 students per speaker. While ESRM and Biology are the most common attendees, the audience comes from across campus and local community.

We seek funding to defray the travel expenses for non-local speakers. We typically have a mix of local and distance experts, about six of which request travel reimbursement.
Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course OfferingsSpeakers will touch on a number of topics and concerns, all of which reinforce general program learning outcomes:

-Understanding the recourse management issues of the day.
-Articulating the interdisciplinary nature of modern environmental challenges
-Proposing novel solutions to existing resource challenges.
Description of Assessment ProcessNo direct assessment of all speakers will be made. Rather, we will continue with anecdotal assessments and feedback from attending students.
Activity Budget13-14-ira-travelbudget-spring-seminar-speakers-2015.xlsx (MS Excel)
CIA Budget
CIA Proposal
Course Syllabus
CIA Certification
Other Sources of FundingNo other sources for travel are available to ESRM. Whenever possible, we "double dip" with speakers who are already traveling to campus or our region to reduce costs.
Target Audience/Student MarketingAny CI undergraduate, but our primary audience are students currently enrolled in ESRM courses.

Examples of Spring 2015 courses wherein students will benefit include, but are not limited to:

ESRM 100 (Intro to Env Science), ESRM 200 (Intro to Resource Management), ESRM 313 (Conservation Biology), ESRM 328 (Intro to GIS), ESRM 351 (Restoration Ecology Theory and Practice), ESRM 499 (Senior Capstone), ESRM 463 (Water Resource Management), etc.
Bring Benefit to CampusThis activity is on campus and open to all interested students.
SustainabilityWhile the exact line-up of speakers is finalized in the fall, in the past many of our speakers have directly addressed CI sustainability issues, often related to food, the built environment (e.g. lighting options and energy efficiency), and green accounting/certifications (e.g. USGBC LEED certification).
Program Chair/Directordonald.rodriguez
Academic Affairs AVPkaren.carey
AcknowledgementI acknowledge that I have reviewed and accepted the Conditions and Considerations herein. Please check off boxes as appropriate.

Program Chair/Director Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameDonald Rodriguez
Date/Time3/2/2014 9:51:23 AM

Academic Affairs AVP Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameKaren Carey
Date/Time3/4/2014 8:17:27 AM