Watch the video to learn how to check on the status of a form (called an "Agreement" in Adobe Sign terminology), or read the instructions below:

To check on the status of a form (called an "Agreement" in Adobe Sign terminology) you previously sent in Adobe Sign, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Adobe Sign
  2. Access the Adobe Sign agreement by clicking on the “Manage” tab and selecting one of the options in the "Status" column:
    1. Choose “In Progress”, "Waiting for You", "Cancelled", "Completed" or "Expired" 
  3. You’ll see a listing of all of the agreements you’ve previously sent with basic information about the status of the document
    • TIP: You can narrow the list to find the form for which you're looking by using the search box and filters in the upper right corner.
  4. To get more details about the agreement's status, click once on it. This will open the "Actions" menu. 
  5. A summary will appear in the right-hand column of the screen, showing information about the status of the agreement you’ve selected, including:
    • The email subject and message
    • The overall agreement status (In Progress, Waiting for You, Completed, Cancelled, Draft)
  6. You can use the "Actions" menu items to:
    1. Open the agreement
    2. Download a PDF of the agreement
    3. Add personal notes to the agreement
    4. See the list of recipients
    5. See any activity associated with the agreement 
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