Turning Paper Into Pixels

Adobe Sign is an electronic signature and digital transaction management tool that can be used to replace manual, paper-based transactions and processes. The Division of Business and Financial Affairs, in collaboration with Information Technology Services and in support of its ongoing mission to transform the delivery of services through continuous improvement, is providing Adobe Sign to faculty, staff and campus organizations to support completing and approving forms that previously required a manual signature and routing. Our intent is to make our forms easier to complete, route, review, and sign, saving time and effort for everyone involved.

Forms Completed Through Adobe Sign

Currently, the following forms are being made available in Adobe Sign:

  1. Petty Cash Audit Form (Accounting)
  2. Temporary Telecommuter Agreement (HR)

We will update this list over time as we add more forms. If you have suggestions for forms you’d like to see added to the list, please submit a request for a new Adobe Sign form or process.

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