To send an existing Adobe Sign form from a direct link: 

  1. Click the link to the form.
  2. Login to Adobe Sign
    • In the Email address field, enter your CSUCI email address, and click the “Continue” button
    • When/if prompted, select the “Company/School Account” option (most users will not be prompted for this option; however if you are prompted, and you do not see the "Company/School Account" option, please submit an Adobe Sign support ticket with the Solution Center).
    • You’ll be redirected to the myCI login page, enter your user name & password and click “Sign In” to continue.
    • If your login is successful, you should see the first page of your Adobe Sign workflow. 
  3. Enter the email addresses of the form signer/recipients in the "Recipients" section. The workflow will route to the recipients in the order specified in the workflow. 
  4. Customize the "Message" text if desired. The message text will be sent via email to each recipient. 
  5. OPTIONAL STEP: You may have the option (depending on the workflow) to add supporting documents with the form. If you see this option and need to add a supporting document, click "Add File," and select your file from "My Computer," or other available file location. The document will be appended to the end of the form for all recipients to view. 
  6. OPTIONAL STEP: You may also have the option to "Set Reminder" if you want the recipients to be reminded to complete the form. If desired, check the "Set Reminder" and choose the reminder interval from the dropdown. 
  7. Click the "Send" button to send the form.
    • The recipients of the form will receive an email notification. 
    • If you are the person who will initially be filling out the form (the Sender), you will immediately have the chance to start filling out the form once you’ve clicked “Send.” 
    • Follow the process for Signing a Form in Adobe Sign to complete the necessary fields.

Need more help with preparing or sending a form?

Submit a service request for help with Adobe Sign

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