MSFT Application Deadline - Friday, January 20th 2017:

2017-2018 MSFT Application Instructions:

  • 2017-2018 Application for Funds (MS Word, 80KB)
    • The MSFT Application contains 6 sections:
      • The Brief Project Description
      • The Project/Activity Budget
      • The Project Assessment
      • Other Sources of Project Support
      • THE CLOSING SECTION for Required Signatures
  • 2017-2018 Applications must include the following formats when submitted:
    • DOC format of unsigned MSFT Application
    • PDF format of signed MSFT Application

In order to facilitate the application process, there may be instances where applicants may be asked to present additional information to the MSFT committee.  Funding from the MSFT fee is generally allocated on an annual basis.

MSFT Applications for Academic Years

*** Please note that funds provided by the MSFT committee may only be used for the purposes described in your proposal.  Any expenditures in excess of the funds allocated through the MSFT committee become the responsibility of the program or department.  Substantial changes in the use of MSFT funds require the prior approval of the committee.  Any expenditures in excess of the amount allocated are the responsibility of your unit.  Unused fund balances will be returned to the MSFT account at the end of the fiscal year.

Attachments & Viewing

The MSFT webpages contain file attachments which may require a download of the following application(s):

  • To view Microsoft Word (.doc) and/or Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) please download and install Microsoft Office
  • To view Adobe Acrobat PDF, please download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader

For CSU Student Fee Policy, please refer to Executive Order 1102 (PDF, 185KB)