Jan. 24, 2024 

Dear Colleagues,
I am immensely grateful for the coming together of CFA and CSU leadership that led to an agreement in principle on contract negotiations. Not only did that agreement establish the outlines of a potential tentative agreement – it ended a faculty strike that for many faculty and students, could have disrupted the entire first week of the Spring 2024 semester.
I am also grateful for CFA and CSUCI leaders who communicated well with one another over the past many days, who worked to ensure that responsibilities on differing sides of the strike were honored, and who ultimately demonstrated that conflict itself does not have to be negative. Through the CFA strike on our campus this week and the Teamster's strike last semester, we have demonstrated that we can work respectfully and productively together through conflict.

Add/Drop Classes
Student Government leaders raised the question with me about whether there would be a change to the add/drop deadline. We will not be adjusting that date. The Registrar investigated other CSU’s and learned that those that had adjusted their timeline are campuses with a shorter timeframe than CSUCI’s. Students should therefore follow the usual procedure, knowing they should email the class instructor in which they wish to enroll , and that they may add classes with permission numbers during the first three weeks of the semester up until Feb. 9 at 12 noon. For students who need to drop a class, the same deadline of Feb. 9 at 12 noon applies; drop requests can be submitted online through CI Records. Please visit the Registration Calendar for additional details and instructions for adds/drops.

I encourage all faculty, staff, and students to be proactive in communication as we all readjust to starting the semester this week.
All the best for a great Spring 2024.

Richard Yao, Ph.D.

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