The President's Planning and Policy Council is comprised of students, faculty, staff and community members. It is the role of President's Planning and Policy Council to develop, review and recommend administrative policy to the President.

Visit the University Policy Manual for the complete listing of policies.

The next President's Planning and Policy Council Meeting is February 26, 2018.

Meeting AgendaPolicies for Recommendation
(2nd Reading)
Policies for Discussion
(1st Reading)
for Consent
Agenda (PDF, 99KB)

SA.01.001 – Policy in the Event of a Student’s Death (T. DeBoni) (PDF, 62KB)

SA.03.003 – Policy on Alcohol at CSUCI (C. Derrico) (PDF, 88KB)

AA.12.006 – Policy on Intent to Enroll and Orientation(G. Reyes) (PDF, 62KB)

New Policy on Fundraising Events(R. LeRoy) (PDF, 73KB)
Fundraising Event Approval Form (PDF, 95B)

New Policy on Gifts-in-Kind and Acceptance of Gifts-in-Kind (R. LeRoy) (PDF, 60KB)
Procedures for Accepting Gifts-in-Kind (PDF, 61KB)
Deed for Gifts-In-Kind (PDF, 48KB)

New Policy for Gifts to Agency (R. LeRoy) (PDF, 82KB)
Procedures for Gifts to Agency (PDF, 39KB)

FA.81.003 – Policy on Driving and Parking on Campus Property (R. Porras) (PDF, 53KB)
Traffic and Parking Regulations 2018 (PDF, 201KB)

Budget Update(Y. Trinidad)

Strategic Initiatives Update(G. Chase)