Assist in your graduation by checking that you have done the following: 

  • Complete an Application for Degree & Diploma (PDF, 85KB): Submit the form and the non-refundable application fee to Student Business Services cashier window in Sage Hall 1020. 
  • Submit any outstanding transcripts, major/minor (PDF, 112KB) and or GE course (PDF, 112KB) substitutions/petitions (PDF, 78.8KB) or other required documentation to Records & Registration office located in Sage Hall 1020. You may also submit these forms by mail or via e-mail to
  • Update your mailing address in myCI, under CI records. 
  • Check for any holds on your account and clear them with the appropriate department. 
  • Check your CI Academic Requirements Report (CARR) to make sure everything is complete. You’ll know this by the Green dot with the check mark. 

After Graduation FAQs:

Q: What if my employer needs proof that I am planning to obtain a degree and my degree is not posted yet?

A: A Letter of Anticipated Completion Request can be submitted. The form is available online in the Records and Registration Forms Library.

Q: How can I show my degree is posted if I'm waiting for my diploma?

A: An official CI transcript is the official method of verifying completion of degree. You may order official transcripts on-line.

Q: My employer wants to see a transcript with my degree posted. What do I do?

A: You will need to wait until you receive notification from Records & Registration before ordering official transcripts.