Re-entry Deadlines:

Available for Spring 2020

Spring Semester: December 1st

Students requesting to return to CSU Channel Islands after more than two semesters away (not to include winter or summer) without having a leave of absence on file, are considered re-entry (returning) students and will not need to re-apply for admission through Cal State Apply.

Note: Any student who has been academically disqualified will have to go through the formal reinstatement process prior to being readmitted. If you have been disqualified, please visit this page:

Checklist – Required Documents/Procedures (due by deadline):

  • Re-entry Student Application form must be completed and signed by an Academic Advisor. To set up an appointment, please visit Academic Advising's website for contact information.
  • Official transcript(s) required from all colleges attended after leaving CSUCI, regardless of grades earned.
  • Students must resolve all outstanding obligations and/or holds (i.e. Library fines, Accounting holds, Conduct holds, etc.) prior to registration.
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