CI Staff Council

The CI Staff Council was created in March 2016 and each founding member was elected by fellow peers from their Division. The goal of the CI Staff Council is to connect staff to the rest of campus as well as address issues and continue to build onto our campus culture for the betterment of the campus community, with the primary focus of supporting staff in their roles. All elected council members are staff member elected. We are here to serve staff in all 5 campus divisions- Academic Affairs, Business & Financial Affairs, Office of the President, Student Affairs, and University Advancement.

Whether you’re a recent hire, been on campus for years, or are a retiree looking to reconnect, the CI Staff Council is here to help. The Council can help point you in the right direction or take your feedback and address it at our next meeting. The CI Staff Council Chair meets monthly and reports to President Richard Yao.

The staff council also plans staff events, coordinates the affinity groups, and assists with the assignment of staff representation and engagement on campus wide committees. Questions? Contact

Questions or Feedback

The CI Staff Council Statement in Solidarity and Support for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities (Approved 2/26/21) (PDF, 67.5KB)

The CI Staff Council Statement in Solidarity and Support for Black Communities (Approved 9/15/2020) (PDF, 47.5KB)

Intent to Ask Questions

The CI Staff Council is here to serve the staff and support the campus community. To provide your Staff Council feedback or pose questions you would like us to have addressed on your behalf, please utilize the Questions or Feedback button to provide your response. Please view all responded to inquiries for reference.

CI Staff Council 2021-2022

Executive Board

Chair, Annie Block Weiss
Vice Chair, Catherine Hutchinson
Secretary, Tanya Gonzalez
Treasurer, Renee Fuentes
Custodian of Records, Hannah Smit


Name Division
Courtney Gross AA
Maximilian Seligman AA
Sean Kramer AA
Colleen Haws BFA
Brian Lindgren BFA
Paula Robertson BFA
Czarina Gutierrez SA
Alexandria Calderon SA
Honey Krueger SA
Hayley Van Arsdell UA
Lisa Racine UA
Alex Padilla OTP
Fope Adesina OTP
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