Top left to right: Stephanie Guerrero, Motoko Kitazumi, Sara Alcala, Tanya Yancheson, Leticia Romero, Rosario Cuevas, Andrew Lorenzana, Lori Knudson, Tom Froelich, Cheryl Peckham, Theresa Olivo, Blake Büller, Alison Potter, Mike Long, Mackenzie Erickson, Cesar Rangel, Todd Oberson


CI Staff Council Services

Whether you’re a recent hire, been on campus for years, or are a retiree looking to reconnect, the CI Staff Council is here to help. The council can help point you in the right direction or take your feedback and address it at our next meeting. We meet monthly and report to President Erika Beck.

The staff council also plans staff events,  coordinates the affinity groups, and assists with the assignment of staff representation and engagement on campus wide committees. Questions? Contact


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