Spring 2017 ...

Earth Day Extravaganza - SAVE THE DATE!

Green Generation CI has been busy with this Spring's Earth Day Extravaganza!

SustainableCI Postcard - Earth Day Extravaganza 2017

Keep an eye out for some of these tables:

  • "What's On Your Plate?" Activity
  • 90 Second GoGreen Memory Challenge
  • Trash Toss Activity
  • Reduce, Reuse, Rewear
  • E-Waste Collection Event

Thumbs up to CHEM344 and MKT310 students who have been collaborating with GGC & SustainableCI for this year's event!

Sustainability Assessment - As a step towards understanding campus views on environmental sustainability and as part of our sustainability effort at CI, we would like to know more about your perspective and behaviors regarding environmental issues.


Sustainability Survey Flyer & Information

Fall 2016 ...

Campus Sustainability Month - October is Campus Sustainability Month (CSM).  Drop by SustainableCI's tabling days (Wednesday, 10/12 and Wednesday 10/26) at Aliso Dolphin Plaza from 11:00AM - 1:00PM.  Drop by our table and 1) Pledge Sustainability, or 2) Enter one or all four of SustainableCI's CSM Table Drawings, or 3) Participate in the CSM Activity Challenge for a chance at a 40oz Hydro Flask!

Involvement Fair -Broome Plaza from 10AM-2PM on Wednesday September 7th.

Welcome Celebration - South Quad from 11AM-2PM on Sunday August 28th.  Freshmen and transfers are welcome to drop by SustainableCI's table to see what the campus is doing and has been doing to encourage & promote sustainability throughout the CI community.  Introduce yourself and get involved!  We'd love to meet you.

Go Green!  Think Green! Make Green Choices! And Make A Difference!

Spring 2016 ...

Graduation Gown Drive - Thank you Class of 2016 Donors.  Your contribution at one of SustainableCI's tables after commencement will help a future graduate!



Earth Day Extravaganza with GGC!  Green Generation Club did a wonderful job warming up participants with yoga and hosting 2016 Earth Day Extravaganza!

Earth Day 2016 Collage - What's On Your Plate Challenge, Trash Toss Challenge, SustainableCI Social Lifestyles Kit Winner

Participants were encouraged to learn more about Earth Day and elements/themes of Earth Day by visiting each table.  Dropping by each table allowed the participants to engage with the vendors and CI entities.  Once they received a stamp from every Earth Day table, participants were eligible to enter GGC's raffle.

CHEM 344 "Sustainable Events Project" group, Joanna Fogarty, Jonathan Herrera, Loran Razo, & Jose Tamayo provided a "Trash Toss" activity to educate attendees on what to trash and what to recycle; participants were provided with a reusable tote and Pilot's Bottle2Pen.

Other raffles were provided by Sustainable CI Social Lifestyles and CI Bicycle Kitchen & CI Transportation.

While tabling for Earth Day was held in the North Quad, on another part of campus, Sustainable CI's Facilities Services collaborated with CHEM344 "Planting Vegetation Project" group, Chris Conway, David Morales, Omar Peraza, Ravneet Singh, & Robert Villa, with an Earth Day tree planting volunteer opportunity.  The efforts celebrated CI's 4th consecutive year as Tree Campus USA.  The additional funding provided by I.R.A. enabled more trees to be planted along University Drive and in the restoration of Long Grade Creek.

Learn more about Facilities Services and Tree Campus USA

In the North Quad at SustainableCI's Academic Affairs table, a What's On Your Plate" challenge provided CI students and guests the opportunity to engage, learn, & appreciate the importance of water and water use.

What's On Your Plate Challenge Winner at 71.60 gallons

Participants of the "What's On Your Plate" Challenge received a Tree Campus USA Tumbler and a Dolphin "Not A Cape" Sticker.  Additionally, participants who selected a sea item from the protein bag, such as  shrimp or salmon, received a 5Gyres Postcard and 5Gyres Coaster.  Since CI is a 5-10 minute drive from the coast, it is as important for our community to be aware that what goes into the ocean ultimately goes into us.  Therefore, a clean earth is clean water and bluer oceans.

Congratulations to all the 2016 Earth Day Raffle winners!  We hope everyone who attended 2016 Earth Day Extravaganza learned more about CI's sustainable features and that sustainability is a social lifestyle!  Pass it on!  We'll see you next April for Earth Day 2017!

  • SPRING 2016 - Solar Light poles - Facilities will be installing solar LED based light poles in select areas throughout campus.
  • SPRING 2016 - HRE Energy Monitoring Installation - HRE enhancements/improvements to would enable building as well as floor competitions between the dorms
  • SPRING 2016 - 3D-Printer Upcycling - The 3D-Printer would use one-time water bottles which would otherwise go to the landfill as materials for printing.  The use of one-time use plastic water bottles reaffirms CI's diversion of bottles and in this case is "upcycling" the materials from the landfill.  Using one-time use plastic water bottles also saves costs on purchasing materials.
  • SPRING 2016 - Kiln Ceramics Upcycling - Use an existing kiln on campus, refurbish the kiln, and recycle the remnant clay and ceramic wastes into paver bricks.  The upcycled bricks would be used by Facilities and the campus, thus reducing the amount of waste tossed out.

Previous Events & Projects On Campus


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