STARS Information:

  • Credit Rationale: This credit recognizes institutions with active committees, offices, or officers charged by the administration or board of trustees to coordinate diversity and equity work on campus.
  • Environmental Benefits: Diversity and equity coordination increases the ability of an institution to more effectively address these issues. This also allows interested groups and stakeholders to access point people engaged with these topics.
  • Scoring: Institution earns 2 points for having a committee, office, or officer that meets the criteria outlined above.  

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Diversity and Equity Coordination:

CSU Channel Islands currently does meet the criteria for this credit by coordinating diversity and equity work on campus.

President’s Commission on Human Relations, Diversity and Equity (PCHRDE)


To support the University’s mission through promoting a campus climate that embraces all forms of multiculturalism and diversity inclusion to ensure a working, living and learning environment that is free of all forms of discrimination. The campus climate should move beyond the passivity of tolerance to the activity of welcoming.

CI Values: 

• Diversity as a source of renewal and vitality

• Principles of equity and social justice

• Dignity and respect for all people

Information Received From:

Renny Christopher: Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Learn More:

For a list of CSU Channel Islands PCHRDE members, visit

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