To earn credits in this category within the STARS framework, an institution needs to achieve progressively higher levels of performance in areas related to curriculum, faculty and staff development and training, and research.

Sustainability at California State University Channel Islands focuses on dynamic relationships among the environment, economy, and society. Sustainability encompasses how environmental and ecological issues are intertwined with economic, social, and health wellness, and how human society’s actions interconnect with these issues. Being sustainable requires addressing these issues so as to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


This subcategory recognizes institutions that have formal education programs and courses that address sustainability. By training and educating future leaders, scholars, workers, and professionals, higher education institutions are uniquely positioned to prepare students to understand and address sustainability challenges. Institutions that offer courses covering sustainability issues help equip their students to lead society to a sustainable future.


This subcategory seeks to recognize institutions that are conducting research related to or focused on sustainability. Conducting research is a major function of many colleges and universities. By researching sustainability issues and refining theories and concepts, higher education institutions can continue to help the world understand sustainability challenges and develop new technologies, strategies, and approaches to address those challenges.

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