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  • Credit Rationale: Institution has an on-campus garden where students are able to gain organic farming and/or gardening experience. The garden does not have to be Certified Organic in order to earn this credit, but it should use organic gardening techniques.
  • Environmental Benefits: Having an on-campus garden not only gives members of the campus community a place to unwind, but the opportunity to surround themselves with plant species native to the California State University Channel Islands environment. Some of the benefits for including native species in this garden are decreased water use, and a minimal amount of maintenance.
  • Scoring: Institutions earn 0.25 points for having an on-campus garden where students are able to learn about organic farming and/or gardening experience.

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Organic Garden

CSU Channel Islands currently does meet the criteria for having an on-campus garden.

"Monarch Meadows" is a rehabilitation garden operated by Turning Point Foundation at California State University Channel Islands. It offers a place of serenity and healing for mental health clients. Participants spend three mornings a week in the garden learning to plan and make decisions, improve communication and work skills, and increase their powers of observation. CI students are also encouraged to visit the garden. The Environmental Science and Resource Management course, Land Use Planning and Open Space Management, visits this garden every semester when the course is offered. Students learn about native vegetation, the benefits of planting drought tolerant species, and sustainable irrigation practices.

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John Gormley: Campus Architect/Interim Director, Planning, Design & Construction

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