Co-Curricular Education Tier Two Credit 1: Student Group


  • Credit rationale: This credit recognizes institutions that have an active student organization focused on sustainability.
  • Criteria: Institution must have an active student organization or group whose mission is to engage other students in sustainability.
  • Scoring: 0.25 points are awarded to institutions with an active student group focused on sustainability.
  • Timeframe: Current active student group is applicable to this credit.

Green Generation Club

In Spring 2009, the Green Generation Club officially became a sanctioned student club at CI. Dedicated to raising environmental awareness on campus and throughout the community, the Green Generation Club works to establish CI as a positive environmental example through the promotion of education and awareness, while at the same time, advocating for sustainable development and initiating campus environmental programs. The GCC invites all students to join.

For more information about the Green Generation Club, visit their Facebook page by typing “GGC Green Generation Club” into the Facebook search bar.