STARS Information:

  • Credit Rationale: This credit recognizes institutions with programs that engage students to serve as educators in peer-to-peer sustainability outreach.
  • Environmental Benefits: Such initiatives, sometimes known as “Eco-Reps” programs, help disseminate sustainability concepts and a sustainability ethic throughout the campus community. In addition, serving as an educator is a valuable learning experience for students that can deepen their understanding of sustainability while developing their outreach and education skills.
  • Scoring: Institutions receive a maximum of 5 points for meeting the criteria outlined above.

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Student Sustainability Educators Program:

CSU Channel Islands currently does not have a program that engages students to serve as educators in peer-to-peer sustainability outreach.

While student interest in sustainability-related issues is growing, CSU Channel Islands (CI) does not have any such program in place at this time; however, this may be something that CI pursues in the future.

What is a Student Sustainability Educators Program?

A student sustainability educators program is where an institution coordinates an ongoing peer-to-peer sustainability outreach and education program for degree-seeking students. The institution may select or appoint students to serve as educators and formally designates the students as educators; provide formal training to the educators in how to conduct outreach; and, offers staff and/or other financial support to the program. 

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Amy Spandrio: Coordinator, Student Communication

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