STARS Information:

  • Credit Rationale: This credit recognizes institutions whose academic departments offer sustainability courses.
  • Environmental Benefits: Most, if not all, academic departments have a critical role to play in building a sustainable society. Having sustainability courses offered by numerous departments helps ensure that the institution’s approach to sustainability education is comprehensive and includes diverse topics. This will help students develop a broad understanding of the field. Likewise, offering sustainability courses in numerous departments can increase student exposure to sustainability topics and themes.
  • Scoring: Institutions earn the maximum of 7 points for this credit when 90 percent or more of academic departments or their equivalent offer at least one sustainability-related or –focused course. Incremental points are available based on the percentage of academic departments that offer sustainability courses.

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

These departments at California State University Channel Islands offer either sustainability-related or sustainability-focused courses:

For a complete list of sustainability courses offered at CSU Channel Islands, follow these links:

Information Received From:

Dan Wakelee, Associate Dean of the Faculty

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