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  • Credit Rationale: Institution holds major events related to sustainability, such as conferences, speaker series, or symposia, which have students as the intended audience.
  • Environmental Benefits: Sustainability events provide the most useful information about sustainability issues. These events help students, faculty, staff and community members participate in learning about sustainability topics outside of the classroom.
  • Scoring: Institution receives 0.25 points for meeting the criteria outlined above.

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Sustainability Events:

CSU Channel Islands currently does meet the criteria for hosting sustainability events.

Each year, CSU Channel Islands hosts a multitude of sustainability-related events. Examples of these events are as follows:

Poe Symposium

The Poe Symposium is held each year at CI. The 6th Poe Symposium was held on Friday April 16th 2010, and was themed 'Climate Change.' There were six distinguished speakers.  The event was well attended by students, faculty, and the community.  There were over 200 registered guests, and twice as many people as this attended throughout the day.

For more information about the Poe Symposium, visit

Celebration of Excellence

The Celebration of Excellence is held each year at CI. The 3rd Annual Celebration of Excellence was held on Friday, May 8, 2009. The theme was Environmental Sustainability at CSUCI. Posters and presentations including topics such as Climate Change and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, EcoChallenges, Making a Difference: CSUCI Rideshare, Strategic Initiative on Environmental Sustainability, and Sustainable Design Features. The 4th Annual Celebration of Excellence, entitled STEM @ CI, was held on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 in the John Spoor Broome Library. STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Faculty and student posters and presentations including topics such as Research in the Biology Program, Restoring and Monitoring Woodland Habitat in Post-Katrina New Orleans, and Mexico Ramsar Preservation Program.

Business & Technology Partnership Holiday Mixer

This annual event featured student, faculty, and staff demonstrations on how the campus is furthering its sustainability efforts. The presentation entitled, ‘The Future of Sustainable Agriculture’ was presented on December 3, 2009 by keynote speaker Casey Houweling, President and Owner of Houweling Nurseries Ltd., the third largest greenhouse production operator in North America.

Environmental Science & Resource Management (ESRM) Career Development Day: The ESRM Career Development Day is where students learn from practitioners about careers in sustainability related fields. Prospective employers and internship providers from the private sector (environmental consultants Impact Sciences, NCER, etc), governmental (federal, state, county, local) agencies, quasi-governmental (water agencies) and nongovernmental organizations (the Nature Conservancy, Ojai Valley Land Trust) are represented. This event occurs once each fall.

ESRM Lecture Series

The Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM) Lecture Series occurs each spring and involves a host of related speakers that come to campus to discuss various environmental topics. Usually 6-8 speakers each year present.

For more information about the ESRM Lecture Series, visit the ESRM web site.

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Donald Rodriguez: Associate Professor and Chair, Environmental Science and Resource Management

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