STARS Information:

  • Credit Rationale: This credit recognizes institutions with sustainability learning outcomes that are associated with program degrees and/or courses of study.
  • Environmental Benefits: Learning outcomes help students develop specific sustainability knowledge and skills and provide institutions with goals against which to assess learning.
  • Scoring: Institution earns the maximum of 10 points for this credit when all students graduate from programs that have adopted at least one sustainability learning outcome. Incremental points are available based on the percentage of students who graduate from these programs. For example, if half of all students graduated from programs that have specified sustainability learning outcomes, an institution would earn 5 points (half of the points available for this credit).

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Student Learning Outcomes are action statements that specify that a student must demonstrate achievement through some clearly observable action(s) or generation of appropriate product(s).

These departments at California State University Channel Islands have sustainability learning outcomes. Click on the following links to learn about specific sustainability learning outcomes:

Within these departments, the following degree programs at California State University Channel Islands have sustainability learning outcomes:

BA in Anthropology

BS in Biology

  • Biology
  • Cell & Molecular
  • Ecology
  • Medical Imaging

BA in Biology

  • Biology
  • Ecology
  • Pre-Professional
  • Subject Matter

MS in Biotech & Bioinformatics

Master of Business Administration

BS in Business

BA in Chemistry

BS in Chemistry

  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry

BA in Communication

BA in Economics

BS in Environmental Science and Resource Management

  • Environmental Science
  • Resource Management

BA in Political Science

BA in Sociology

Information Received From:

Dan Wakelee, Associate Dean of the Faculty

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