STARS Information:

  • Credit Rationale: Institution has a student-run sustainable enterprise, such as a café, through which students gain sustainable business skills.
  • Environmental Benefits: A sustainable enterprise encourages students to become involved in economic, social, and environmental sustainability issues. Having a sustainable enterprise allows students to join together in discussing and developing their own sustainable business skills.
  • Scoring: Institution receives 0.25 points for meeting the criteria outlined above.

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Sustainable Enterprise:

CSU Channel Islands currently does meet the criteria for having a student-run sustainable enterprise through which students gain sustainable business skills.

CI Bicycle Kitchen's logoThe CSU Channel Islands Bicycle Kitchen's primary mission is to provide low cost bicycle repair/maintenance education to the CSUCI community and function as a social hub for the local cycling community. This program aims to provide workspace, tools and information about how to live more sustainably by choosing to commute to and from campus by bicycling. Furthermore, their mission augments CSUCI's commitment towards building a green campus with respect to education, transit and recycling. In helping create a more active/engaged cycling community, it is hoped that the number of commuters coming to campus by auto would decrease, while the number arriving by sustainable energy (i.e. bicycle) would increase. A repair and maintenance shop was opened in the fall of 2009. The CI Bicycle Kitchen is also an official USA Cycling intercollegiate team and competes in road and mountain bike racing.

Information Received From:

Andrew Morris: Associate Professor, Management

Learn More:!/CSUCIBike

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