“Most of us are familiar with recycle and reusing, but how often do we think of the 3rd R- REDUCED? ‘Reduce’ is probably the most important of the 3 R’s because if we reduced, it would limit the need to recycle and reuse.”
-Catherine Pulsibe

Credit NumberCredit Title
OP Credit 17Waste Reduction
OP Credit 18Waste Diversion
OP Credit 19Construction & Demolition Waste Diversion
OP Credit 20Electronic Waste Recycling Program
OP Credit 21Hazardous Waste Management
Tier Two NumberTier Two Credit
Tier Two 1Materials Exchange
Tier Two 2Limiting Printing
Tier Two 3Materials Online
Tier Two 4Chemical Reuse Inventory
Tier Two 5Move-In Waste Reduction
Tier Two 6Move-Out Waste Reduction
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